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Latest Jobs Hiring At Al-Tayer Gruop UAE Apply Now

Latest Jobs Hiring At Al-Tayer Gruop UAE Apply Now

About Al-TAYER: 

As the largest luxury store within the center East, Al Tayer organization hosts a portfolio of a number of the sector’s pleasant luxurious manufacturers in the fashion, jewelry, domestic and branch keep classes. Complementing its function in luxury retail, the institution has also constructed new frontiers in way of life retail, representing leading manufacturers inside the beauty, home, style and Hospitality sectors. established within the UAE, the retail division has multiplied operations to the dominion of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, and currently Al Tayer Jobsoperates over 200 shops throughout the place and represents over 35 of the sector’s maximum renowned manufacturers.

Al Tayer Industries, full time jobs hiring & Part time jobs hiring
a contracting and engineering company, is part of Al Tayer organization. The enterprise is constructed from 2 divisions – Aati contracts and Obaid Humaid Al Tayer Engineering. while the former is a leading participant in the interior turnkey task space, the latter is devoted to representing some of the exceptional recognised names within the engineering global.

Career At AL-TAYER :whatever your profession aspirations, our numerous business pursuits will provide you a really perfect career. Our environment offers you the opportunity to explore your passion to construct a a hit, lengthy-time period career. you will work with like-minded human beings and be part of a middle East commercial enterprise this is regarded for its innovative paintings subculture.

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