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5 Tips to sell better LinkedIn and getting a job

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5 Tips to sell better LinkedIn and getting a job Properly used, the social network LinkedIn may be the best personal letter of presentation to companies, recruiters and professionals with similar interests. LinkedIn changed the paradigm and ceased to be a platform to offer jobs to also move to build …

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Online Accounting and IT Jobs: Where to Look

With the electronic age upon us, the economy in recession, and gas prices being higher than they have ever been, many professionals in various fields are seeking online employment. This eliminates the need to travel to the place of employment daily and allows the professional to work from the comfort …

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Don't Neglect These Powerful Career Advancement Opportunities

If you are committed to career advancement, you must be willing to take important steps to achieve your professional goals. One critical career development strategy, which many professionals neglect, is building relationships with executives. To reach higher levels of the organization, senior level managers need to know who you are …

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3 Smart Ideas to Save Your Job (for Work at Home Professionals)

With more than 15 years as a Software Product Manager under her belt, Janet had worked hard to build her career and demonstrate value to the company. “I’ve paid my dues.” she thought aloud, as she tossed the remaining contents of her desk drawer into her pink computer bag. “I …

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