10 books on leadership

10 books on leadership
A good leader knows how to motivate, influence and evaluate. These texts will help you develop your skills to lead teams once and for all.

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People , Dale Carnegie

This book, which has more than 15 million sales, aims to help the reader to discover, develop and leverage skills not used. With this lecture you will learn the secret to dealing with people, how to criticize and not be hated for that, six ways to please others, to make a good impression, etc. Many of the examples have been changed due to the time when it was written, but also find interviews with successful men like Edison, Franklin Roosevelt, James Farley, among others. Original title: How to Win Friends and Influence People Publication : 1936

2. The Leader Who Had No charge , Robin Sharma

Sharma has shared his recipe for success with publications such as Fortune 500, which placed him as one of the leading advisers major internationally speaking. With the help of these tips, you will be able to improve in your field, plus it will make your company achieve its goals. No matter what position you occupy in the business, the important thing is that you have what it takes to prove that you have natural leader and that you can transform the world around you. Original title: The Leader Who Had No Title Publication: 2010

3. Coaching, John Whitmore

If you are interested in learning all about coaching, this is the book for you. Whitmore defines this term as “a method of natural, helpful and respectful communication, this will make the receiver more aware of himself and his self-responsibility, in turn making it more efficient and attentive at work or at home.” In this manual you will learn the skills to unlock the potential of people and raise their performance. It is a way to lead, to deal with people, thinking and being. Offers innovative leadership techniques like making effective questions instead of giving instructions or orders to increase accountability.
“The coaching is essential to good leadership today and all senior executives must be able to.” Original title: Coaching for Performance Year Publication: 2003

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4. Tribes , Seth Godin

A tribe is defined as “any group of people, large or small, connected with each other, with one leader and one with an idea.” Man has always been part of a tribe, either for their beliefs, religious ideas and even their musical tastes. Currently using social networks tribes have grown in the absence of geographical barriers. But who will be the leader of all these tribes? Do not be a sheep herd more! This book will help you be speaking people strong and able to guide a group of people, especially in the business world. Original title: Tribes Publication: 2008

5. The One Minute Manager , Ken Blanchard

Want your employees more productive and improve the work environment? The author presents a new method that is giving very good results with senior executives of large companies. In this book you will learn management techniques and tips to set goals a minute, a minute examinations and scolding a minute. It has been translated into more than 37 languages ??and has sold over 13 million copies. Original title: The One Minute Manager Publication: 1982

6. Jesus, CEO , Laurie Beth Jones

all know who Jesus is, there are people who know him as a philosopher, others as a savior and others as a prophet. But one thing nobody can deny is that was a great leader, so much so that our history is separated “before and after” him. Following his example, you can run an organization to make it an effective and successful company. Original title: Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership Publication: 1996

7. Ethical leadership: A challenge of our time

As an entrepreneur or manager of a business, your goal in leadership must develop your sense of ethics. An ethical leader does not consider personal achievements, but the group does not want to stand out, but seeks the triumphs are the result of collaborative work of all members. This book is based on the premise that to direct people must do it from personal example based on values, positive attitudes and behavior. Publication Date: 2006
8. 100 ways to motivate others , Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson.
The authors of this book share this inspirational guide for executives, managers and professionals who want to reach a high level of leadership. You will learn strategies for successful communication and rapid decision-making, in addition, will facilitate attracting new customers by using a service-oriented customer mindset leaving manipulation and persuasion. Original title: 100 Ways to Motivate Others Year Publication: 2004

9. The comprehensive executive: 10 Steps to a strong performance as a leader , Karen Wright

There are many things that entrepreneurs need to be successful: a good business idea, money, a solid marketing plan, a good team, among others. But among all these ideas, achieve goals requires much time and sacrifice. Karen Wright, counselor and coach, has designed this practical plan for business men and women have the tools necessary for a good job performance without neglecting his personal life. Original title: The complete executive: The 10 Step System for Great Leadership Performance Year of publication: 2012

10. 32 ways to be champion in business , Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Magic Johnson, former player of the NBA, shows us one of his most ambitious sides, the entrepreneur and investor. Discover the 32 steps it took to form a mission and vision to achieve their goals. This book offers tips on starting, marketing, finance and grow a business, besides having a good team. Original title: 32 Ways to Be a Champion in Business Publication Date: 2009

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