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10. Format damage the PC

If formatted damaged something, then every day would damage the PC by copying and deleting files. Not so, just delete the files formatted disk and copy it again (so simple). Of course it takes time and there are ways to fix errors , eg PC is very slow and does not know what to do (do not want or do not know formatted), you can follow a series of steps to improve it (which also takes time and effort). Note: in particular give +10 to formatting , example: * The PC restarts for no apparent reason [Format] * arise windows explorer errors constantly [Format] * Etcetera. ** Normally these errors are specific to the version of the operating system we use, so I count on more 10 different versions of Windows and 15 versions of Linux (so you never take me by surprise errors).

9. Update program solves all problems

The craze update everything that moves it goes against one of said wisest of computing. “If it works, do not touch” Unless the new versions bring with features you need or resolve critical errors, seriously appreciated the need to upgrade, you may see new problems.

8. Long passwords are impossible to find

While it is true that, in general, longer passwords are more resistant cryptographic attacks, these are no better. Many people only pay attention to the length and complexity neglect. A password like “estoesmuycomplejoylargodeadivinar” is much weaker than ” Zq9x8! d #. ” Want some advice? If you want a steel password, use your regular password but agrégale symbols you can use and remember easily, such as “Pepe •% &!”

7. payment programs are better than open source.

An old and in many cases false myth. You just have to look at the stars free software to realize some projects exceed in quality to commercial. Of course, in certain sectors there are no programs to compete against commercial, but then to expand the phrase to all free programs there is a stretch. Example: * Gimp can do the same as Photoshop, ina interface also brings much more pleasant. * CDBurner or DaemonToolLite do the same as Nero, are also much less demanding. * I could go on, but let’s leave it like that.

6. The effects of Windows slow down your system much.

A statement that no longer holds. The power of today’s computers can enable special effects without overloading the system. . Many of them, like the known effects of Windows 7 Aero are so optimized that barely noticeable differences to disable Tests speak: the advantage is minimal or nonexistent. Try yourself and verify the consumption of processor or RAM memory.

5. Screen savers save energy and preserve monitors

When computers used CRT, away from the PC was a danger to the health of the monitor, because the images could permanently imprinted. Today, with LCD / LED screens, this no longer occurs. On the other hand, the power consumption is virtually the same as if you were working. The best option? Turn off the display.

4. We must discharge the batteries before recharging.

That was true with the old Ni Cd, who had the dreaded memory effect. Today, most laptops use lithium ion batteries, more efficient. Just do not download completely nor do upload the most of every day (once a month is enough). Oh, and by the way: you put them in the fridge does not work. To take care of your battery, follow these tips.

3. Power cycle the PC damaged components.

It is false, but because of this belief many people eternally burning leaves, a decision that, in theory, not only shortens the life of the hardware, but overheated components (if there is no proper ventilation). Continued use spends more components and also consumes more energy. I besides being uploader I am more even downloader, which is why I leave on my PC 24 hours a day, 30 days of the month from 3 years ago, only I turn it off when the power goes out or when traveling for more than one day (it may take things when no one and if not at home it is advisable to disconnect all electrical appliances). To date no xD component has not failed.
2. The larger and more complex 2 is the program, the better.

Although some programs seem inevitable fattening (eg Adobe), this event is not synonymous with quality, quite the contrary. The big programs (bloatware) are heavy and generate little satisfaction; are offshoots of marketing. The most beloved and effective utilities are what make one thing very well.

1. Clean and defragment the registry increases performance.

This is my “myth” favorite. Clean the registry could I be effective at the time of Windows 95/98, but today, it is useless for most problems and even harmful, since you can delete keys necessary. Defragmenting the registry either an improvement in performance, such and as long checked myself. It is important to clarify these things because there are always more of a misinformed that is dedicated to making these “maintenance” every day, then dies your system and do not know why .. I left many more myths in the pipeline, but here you can help you. What, in your opinion, the most prominent of computer user? Myths Share rumors and stories that you know.