10 essential questions in a job interview

10 essential questions in a job interview
Most people live job interviews very nervous, leading them much of the time to failure. If you want to avoid this situation you’ll be fine come prepared to answer the main questions that make you.

We present below ten issues with which you can get an idea of ​​the obstacles you will surely find.

1. Tell me something about you.

The interviewer used to resort to this question icebreaker to start an interview. Keep in mind that you have your resume in front of him, so he does not explain all your working life. Limit yourself to be friendly and answered briefly.

2. Why do you want to work with us?

To answer this question it is essential that you go to the interview with the “duties” facts. Find out the basic facts about the company (sector, competitors, projects …) and you can justify your answer showing also that have interest in the position.

3. Why do you want to change jobs?

Whether you want to change company still active as if you stopped working you might consider the answer to this question in the same way.
Be positive and never mentions anything negative about your bosses or colleagues . Say if you want a special opportunity in your career.

4. Are other selection processes?

If you opt to other jobs can not hide to answer this question, but do not have to give more information than necessary to your interviewer. Stick to tell you very interested in the work that gives you right now and you want to focus on him and everything you think you can bring to your company.

5. Do you like working in a team?

Do not hesitate to this question. Of course you feel comfortable working in a team! Prove giving the interviewer one or two examples of how well you get on collaborating with other people.

6. Would you have missed some work?

Never lie. The worst thing you can do in an interview is to invent a false life. If you ever been fired from a job you answer yes and concise manner, avoiding any negative criticism of your previous company.

7. Tell me about any problems you have had in your previous jobs, either in general or with one of their leaders.

If you answer this question talking about one of your former employers is likely to ruin your entire interview. The interviewer wants to know if you can criticize a superior, so we suggest you have very “bad memory” in this regard.

Bow down to talk about some small problem, an honest mistake, you had and which can demonstrate your ability to constructive criticism of your work. Also, be sure to make it clear how you were able to remedy the situation favorably.

8. What are your weaknesses?

Be alert when you do this question. Never discuss your weaknesses and chooses to divert your answer by discussing some very general defects always be turned into virtues.

9. What are your salary expectations?

This is one of the most difficult questions to which you will face during the interview. Find out the average salary of your job and explains that interest you most the opportunities you not a high salary. Just you accept a salary commensurate with your responsibilities.

10. Are you married / a? Do you plan to get pregnant?

It is very difficult to say what personal and intimate questions to ask you is entitled to the interviewer. If one bothers you or think you may be discriminatory, do not hesitate to escape from it in the most diplomatic way possible.