10 famous quotes about money and wealth

10 famous quotes about money and wealth
Money and wealth are two very important issues for the magazine Forbes. When the list of the richest takes place, is the main subject of the magazine all the time. Why could not miss a photo gallery with the best quotes about money and wealth.

Then the best quotes about money and wealth ever said :

  1. “No money deem more or less than it is worth, because it is a good servant and a bad master”. (Alexander Dumas)
  2. “There are so many things in life more important than money! But they cost so much! “(Groucho Marx)
  3. “Remember that time is money.” (Benjamin Franklin)
  4. “Money can not buy happiness, but it provides a feeling so similar, you need an advanced specialist to verify the difference.” (Woody Allen)
  5. “Wealth is much more enjoyment in possession.” (Aristotle)
  6. “Capital is not an evil in itself, evil lies in its misuse.” (Mahatma Gandhi)
  7. “He who is satisfied with his part is rich.” (Lao Tzu)
  8. “The holder of wealth does not make you happy having them, but spend it, not spend it as you want, but know them spend.” (Miguel de Cervantes)
  9. “Blessed is he who has talent and money because you will use either the latter.” (Menander of Athens)
  10. “Money is like an arm or a leg: use it or lose it”. (Henry Ford)