10 great leaders created by Disney

10 great leaders created by Disney
Cartoons are much more than entertainment for children. The messages transmitted can serve as learning for small and inspiration for the elderly. The factory shows that Disney cartoon films can create big business tomorrow. In careertracing inspire you with great leaders who created Disney.

Mickey Mouse

It is without doubt, the great leader of Walt Disney . The most famous mouse in the world could not conceive their adventures without his friends Donald, Pluto, Minnie … Mickey is the backbone of all his exploits. It is the link between all the characters. It is not shown as an authoritarian leader who gives the orders, but the first to be put to work with the help of his teammates.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear

In the movie Toy Story find not one, but two great leaders. Woody and Buzz Lightyear are the perfect example that two heads are better than one. These characters have revolutionized the idea that leaders must be unique and to delegate is one of the best decisions you can make. The arrival of someone new does not mean that you go to grab your work, it can help improve it.


Before becoming the Lion King, Simba learned the lessons of his father Mufasa, the great leader. As king and leader, kept an understanding with everything around him. Its purpose was to maintain balance. A leader willing to meet their duties and reign from within. One more within your team.

Peter Pan

The boy who never wanted to grow not only guiding their lost children, but “an inspirational leader”. In addition to live their dreams, makes everyone around her live their dreams. No matter what the idea promotes all to use your imagination and be creative. A leader motivates and goes for his team to achieve the goal and create the necessary conditions for there to be a climate that encourages creativity.


The Indian who was able to unite two civilizations. Prejudices do nothing but hinder relationships. Great leaders listen and examined. To walk towards progress is necessary to open horizons and look beyond.

We also recommend the following:

Robin Hood

10 great leaders created by Disney
10 great leaders created by Disney

Robbing the rich to give to the poor. The great leader of Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood leadership fails to get money, but by the motivation that transmits to all who accompany him. His fighting spirit sets the tone and teams with anyone who joins him in Sherwood Forest. In the words of Robin Hood “one country is built as a cathedral, from the bottom up, do not ever give up.”


The young archer is not a princess like the others. Merida struggles to create his own story and the story does not end with “and they lived happily ever after”. Great leaders strive to create their own story to success. Mérida sample to settle and surrender are not part of your DNA and that to get what you want you have to fight.


Breaking with the provisions, Mulan is introduced into a man’s world and changes the whole picture. A great leader is one who knows transform itself to later change their environment. Mulan creates a valuable change in all his followers into a change of mentality that will improve the situation of all.


More than a mouse, a great chef. This small little mouse not only guided over his head to his companion, but taught him to be as good as it was himself. The passion, believe in what you do and teach your knowledge to your team forged the beginning of a great leader. Also, this film shows the success achieved thanks to teamwork.

Sullivan Sulley and Mike Wazowski

In many cases, success lies in changing the current trend. Laughter has more power than fear and these two monsters fought for all they saw there were ways to generate more productivity even be happier. Finding your way is the task that great leaders must undertake to achieve success in their businesses.