10 Rules to protect your skin every day-Skincaretips

10 Rules to protect your skin every day-Skincaretips

RULE 1 : Each type of skin care

To care for your skin considering its nature, be sure to first select the right products for your skin type. Dry skin has different needs of oily skin.


Pay attention to the most sensitive areas

Some parts of the face (eyes, lips, etc.) have a particularly thin skin and fragile. They require special care.

RULE 3 : A gentle cleansing

Caring for sensitive skin starts with cleansing. To not attack the skin and maintain its balance, using physiological cleansers, specially formulated to care for your skin with care.

RULE 4 : The eye area a danger zone

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the rest of the face. For cleaning, choose a specific routine

RULE 5 : Exfoliation is essential

Once or twice a week, remember to use a scrub adapted. Must be effective, while soft and skin friendly. Choose a physiological ideal to soothe and purify the skin while respecting its balance exfoliation.

RULE 6 : Hydration is essential

The dermis contains 70% water, and the epidermis by 15%. To maintain a good level of hydration is important to use a moisturizer daily care that balances the water level in the heart of the skin.

RULE 7 : Choose preferably a hypoallergenic makeup

To avoid the risk of allergy associated with the use of a product that suits your skin, choose a hypoallergenic makeup specially formulated to meet the needs of all skin types, even sensitive.

RULE 8 : Protect yourself from the sun

Whatever the season, choose a day care that incorporates a solar filter. It allows you to mitigate the adverse effects of the sun, accelerating skin aging.

RULE 9 : Beware external aggressions

Pollution, snuff, stress … all have an adverse effect on the skin. Consider these factors to protect your skin before leaving home.

RULE 10 : Do not forget your lips!

Whenever you need it, apply a repairing lip balm. Reapply the product whenever you want because this area is particularly fragile.

Very important to clean your skin at night, even if you have no makeup during the day.

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