10 Shortcuts to Improve the Use of Mail on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8

10 Shortcuts to Improve the Use of Mail on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8
See 10 gestures that make use Mail lot easier. Apple has introduced new features in the mailer for iPhone and iPad.
With the arrival of iOS 8 boys Cupertino introduced numerous improvements in their applications. The email manager that comes installed natively on the mobile operating system now offers a user experience much easier and intuitive, even for new users. Today we have 10 shortcuts that will make the workflow and procedures expedite your emails much more quickly in Mail .

At other times we’ve already talked about tricks for getting the most out of your iPhone or iPad with iOS eight , among whom also spoke of improvements in Mail. However, today we focus only on shortcuts for this application to you can manage your email more efficiently .

Gestures and shortcuts Mail on iPhone and iPad

Search bar

Like when you’re on the home screen and strip down the screen to open Spotlight, when in any mailbox in Mail, if you touch the screen and strip down like a search bar appears . This way, you’ll find an email quickly, since all those searches that match what you’ve typed.

Pull to refresh

This gesture is well known and was already present in iOS 7 as above. If you want to check whether you new messages have arrived just press the screen and pull down (more than to open the search bar) in the mailbox Mail entry.


Whenever you’re in a message or in a mailbox Mail, if you slide your finger from left to right you will return to the previous screen . This gesture is especially useful for those with large screen devices like the iPad or the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Mark a message as unread

In Mail in iOS 8 you can quickly mark a message as read by clicking it in the inbox and sliding slightly from left to right . If you want to redial Unread just repeat the gesture.

Bookmark with indicator and delete emails

Mail users on iPhone and iPad also now has the ability to delete or mark with a flag an email in the blink of an eye. This time, you have to swipe from right to left on the message you want and choose whether you want to mark it with an orange flag or send it to the trash.

More options

To touch and slide your finger from right to left in a message in Mail, besides the two options you just count in the previous point you can also add additional ones. If you click on the “More” option you can choose between several functions , such as: Reply All, mark as read, forward …

To configure it you must go to Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendar , choose “Options slip” and change the default actions for which you better come.

Hide the keyboard and mail

If you are writing a message in Mail on iPhone or iPad and want to see full screen what you’re doing, you can press the message on the keyboard and slide down to hide . On the other hand, if you want to check email which you are replying, simply do the same gesture but from the top.

Save multiple drafts

When composing an email, tap the top title bar and slides down to temporarily store it as a draft . In addition, Mail provides the ability to save multiple messages at once, which appear as tabs of Safari, as you see in the image.

Choose comp

If you touch a button once you start writing a new message, but if you let down a list of other recent drafts will be displayed so you can choose the one you want to continue.

Move an address

If you entered an email address in “To:”, but want to change it to “CC” or “BCC”, you can do it quickly without having to erase and rewrite. Now in Mail you can hold that contact and move it to the place where you want to put it .

So much for the selection of gestures and shortcuts Mail on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 guys have done iMore . You may already known them, but if not, we hope you find them useful and will serve to improve your user experience.