10 sins for your skin

 10 sins for your skin

1 . No sun protection.

Of all the ‘sins’ capital, this is the one with worse acquittal. Skin bad habits there are many but one of the most common is exposure to sunlight. The lack of sunscreen or failure to renew it periodically is the element that most contributes to skin aging. And it is not only necessary to do so in summer, as the sun comes round and every day.

2 . Eat wrong.

There are foods that are good for the skin and they have proven scientific studies. When you go to make a shopping list, keep in mind that red meats, sausages, fried foods, sugar and frozen foods are harmful to the skin and may even promote premature aging. Instead, try it in the basket has leafy greens, tomatoes, garlic and ginger, nuts and seeds, yogurt and honey.

3 . Smoking and drinking more than necessary

. These habits minimize the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the skin by the body, and that adversely affect circulation and microcirculation, causing it to weaken, lose luster and accelerating degradation Collagen and elastin. Therefore, the snuff and alcohol farther the better.

4 . No makeup.

The lack of cleanliness or improper cleaning can be very detrimental to the health and beauty of the skin. If cleaning is poor or bad, prevent the skin to breathe, it favors the appearance of clogged pores and prevent treatments being absorbed properly and therefore its action is minimal. But we must clean the excess skin, as excess skin devoid leave the protective layer and will alter its pH.

5 . No hydrate or make products that are not suitable for you

. Hydration is essential for the skin, remember that three quarters of our body is water. But not worth anything, we select the most suitable product for our skin. The use of erroneous creams will affect our skin problems instead of solving them.

6 . To think that the years do not go for your skin.

You can not use the same cream at every stage of your life. The mature skins have accumulated in the skin, age from a lost capacity to form collagen and hyaluronic acid, which is further dehydrated damage. Cell regeneration cycle is much slower. In short, it requires more care

7 . No exercise

. A sedentary lifestyle increases our stress levels and this results in less light, duller and less smooth skin. While sport increases blood circulation, and therefore the skin oxygenation and nutrient transport.

8 . Too little sleep.

Poor sleep increases the signs of skin aging and skin barrier alterations or ultraviolet (UV) are produced to combat environmental stressors.

9 . fiddling granites.

They should never touch it usually superinfection and residual inflammation in addition to last long, forces us to protect it from the sun so that no Pigments.

10 . Touching face

The bacteria, viruses and allergens that you have on hand are transmitted to the skin and can aggravate acne, contact dermatitis and herpes.

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