10 Tips for effective presentations


10 Tips for effective presentations
One of the situations that we have to deal in our professional life will be when we should make a presentation and generally these are fundamental to the success of your company. A decision to make or a new way of working are some situations where we stand before an audience and expose what we want to present.

A poor presentation can be very harmful to your venture, so here we are some tips to successfully pass this vital moment in any company

1. Be clear on your presentation

It may be obvious, but you should always be clear what you are looking for what you’re gonna say. If you’re going to tell a story, inform or influence you must know from the beginning and the end of the presentation you will be able to check how effective were.

2. It presents key concepts

Just as we must be concise when being led a presentation, a good way to get your audience gets the message you want to give, is the use of key concepts. With two or three words to encompass what you mean. Memorize a word is much easier to learn a full speech.

3. Tell a story

You must think of the presentation as a story, and if you spend only deliver data and information without a thread, your audience will probably end up confused. Think of your presentation as a story with a beginning, middle and
an end. Planned from start to finish and implies the public that is not a boring lecture.

4. Choose either the font that you use to write

The font that you will occupy is very important for the presentation, and you must confirm if it is readable from anywhere in the auditorium. You must pay attention to the size of the source, in most cases the best choices are always Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman.

5. Avoid reading from the presentation

The public can read and attentive to what you’re showing is not necessary that you Debas read the contents of your slides, so avoid giving back to your audience and you show them that you know exactly what you have to say, that delivers security, confidence, which will probably end up with people having very clear everything that you exhibited.

6. Make your public participation

If at times the presentation you give the word to your auditors, they will keep attention to the end, and you can also tell if they are understanding what you’ve said so far. Do not stay alone with the questions at the end of the presentation, participants make them at certain times.

7. Use multimedia content without exaggeration

The use of videos and images is very supportive in our presentations, manages to be more colorful and interesting, nicely capturing the attention of people. However, overuse of them can cause the public to ignore what you are saying, focusing on multimedia content. Do not abuse this method.

8. Avoid jargon

Your presentation should be as close and friendly as possible, so why should avoid excessive use of highly technical words, because that will not cause your presentation better. Your message should be simple so that your auditors immediately grasp what you mean. Empathy with the public is one of your best weapons.

9. You’re the center of attention

Be clear that the presentation is only a support for you, so you must be who the public is dedicated. So avoid the great texts and not just stand always in the same place. Walk, acts and speaks strongly to you to be the
center of attention, not the presentation. 10. Check often the presentation

No you just have to take a second look at the presentation to avoid spelling or editorial errors, you should also tell if the writing can be synthesized and maintain a sense of meaning. I was cautious and did not finish your presentation until you’re 100% sure you did an excellent job.