10 tips for good communication at work

1. Be clear and concise.

If you have to communicate something, think about what you will say to put it briefly and yet, that there be no doubt. The good, if brief, twice good.

2. First, the holder
Ten clear what the clear message of what you mean. Say what’s important at the beginning of your speech, to make it clear what your goal is what you’ll explain below.

3. Attitude is important too
stay tuned when someone speaks to you, and your body language say the same. Look into the eyes of interlocutor and forget for a moment the phone or tablet. Or both.

 4. Ask open questions
Whether you’re talking like listening, including the speaker or the audience they’re sharing the message with open questions like: ‘Is there any place you would want to clarify?’

5. Speak positively
Keep your mouth shut if only to critique than constructive. Let the gossip fun even if you are only harmful to the group.

6. Do not patch
If you have to give bad news, do not go around the bush or try to disguise it. Accept it and transmit their best and to begin to address it sooner.

7. The bad news in person
If you have to give a negative message, do not give in front of collaborators who are not involved or you send it by email. Talk it live and alone with the person concerned.

8. Disagreements with heads before
If you are forced to give a message that you do not agree, you have to deal with it before. You should discuss with your superior, but not with peers who have to pass, because communication decreases instead of increasing.

9. talks as a way to express
the way you talk, your words, your tone, or your gestures, are basic elements of relationships with your peers, so take care of them and be an example of what you would have them do the other .

10. Take it with a sense of humor
While you’re at work, relationships are always more fluid, more pleasant, when possible if you put a touch of humor. You do not when you stand in discussions, not when giving bad news, but if the coffee machine.