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10 tips for sensitive skin care

1. Protect your skin from the sun

Although the pool and beach season is over, it is important to keep the sun off body parts that are exposed. Do not forget to lend a high spf cream on facial skin. In addition, the ski season just around the corner, the risk is higher.

2. Use a mild soap

If the skin on your body tends to dry, especially after you’ve showered, you should use care products skin soft without soap (which are rich in phospholipids you come from pearls). Otherwise, your skin will become extremely dry.

3. Shower better bathroom

Bathe more dehydrated skin showering . The water must be warm, not hot. If nevertheless, you want to take a relaxing bath from time to time, do not be too long soak.

4. Dry skin, do not rub

When you leave to dry after showering, do not rub the towel against your body like a madwoman. What experts recommend is to dry the skin with a towel gently pat.

5. Moisturize daily

Converts hydration in daily beauty routine . Take out of the shower when to apply yourself the product that best suits your skin type and tastes, so will be repairing the hydrolipidic film covering the epidermis.

6. Wrap up!

In cold weather, bundle up! During the winter months the skin usually returns supertirante and sometimes even pike. Do not forget to protect your hands!

7. Drink water

To have a skin hydrated is necessary that your body has enough fluids. The ideal is to drink about 8 glasses a day of water . Teas and infusions also come into the reckoning.

8. Eat a balanced way

A healthy and balanced diet is also good for your skin. Every day should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants. This will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

9. Get enough sleep

People who sleep the hours needed to replenish your body (7 or 8 hours) are the most beautiful and healthy skin.

10. Quit smoking

The cigarette is very harmful to the skin. The leaves with a subdued tone matte and makes you age faster.

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