10 tips for this Christmas

It’s a nice time with lots of flavor in the streets, stalls gifts and very typical and tasty meals, which, of course, fat a lot. Finally comes the hill of January and met with less money and more kilos, and end up feeling exhausted from the holidays. With this article I will try to give some tips so you can spend the best vacation possible.

1. Plan purchases . At Christmas shopping not only encourage us to buy, we also want you to buy that gift which once would not. We are more generous, but also more wasteful. Plan well all your presents early, and looking for the best deals.

2. At meals . You have to eat at the table, chewing slowly and enjoying the dishes we have prepared and conversation of our family. If we do it alone, watching television, we we will not be realizing what we are eating. In the latter case, a good trick is to put on the plate the exact amount of food you’ll eat and out trays with sweets from where we sit. .

3 Caring for the presentation of the dishes . The healthiest dishes always have our eyes look less succulent. We need to improve your presentation and make them as attractive as possible to the eye. Food enters the eye.

4. Exercising . Keep your daily exercise routine and fail to do activities with friends and family outdoors. It is a wonderful opportunity to retake those hobbies that you forgot. .

5 varied diet . Make sure your diet is varied Christmas. That is rich in fruits, milk, cereals, vegetables and legumes. See that fat does not exceed 30-35 percent of total calories. .

6 fats Beware! . -always Used for cooking that puedas- extra virgin olive oil. Make sure that saturated fats never exceed 10% of the total and introduces you consume in your diet Omega 3. Your heart and your arteries will thank you. .

7 Increase fish consumption . Try as far as possible, to replace traditional dishes for meat and fish and to alternate. If Christmas dinner was eaten lamb at Christmas dinner you can prepare a good baked fish, and so on. A good solution for desserts is fruit salad. It is healthier and helps proper digestion.

8. Drink water . Much water should you drink a day. Minimum of two to three liters a day.

9. Avoid alcohol and snuff . A glass of wine with meals is healthy, but not abuse. It is a very favorable time for it. We must get away from the abusive consumption on special occasions. And if you drink, do not take the car. The snuff is never good. If you put your mind really, it’s a good time to quit. .

10 Enjoy yours all you can . For children it is a season full of magic and illusion, but sometimes will miss school. The walks around our city, field trips (weather permitting, of course), shopping for ornaments, and above all, lots of imagination, can make us see new perspectives in a festival very attacked by the fierce consumerism.