10 tips to attract visitors to your website

10 tips to attract visitors to your website
Many Web sites use one or more of these tips. Use your imagination. Because without visitors, your online business does not exist.

1. It offers a free subscription to your newsletter If your company has a newsletter give it away.

2. Upgrade your website with original content Your content is more attractive if it is original and updated. The effort is worthwhile because search engines back to your website and make your site in the top position. Also, you’re more likely that search engines return to check the latest updates.

3. Use the directories PPC (pay per click) is a way to advertise where you only pay when someone clicks on your link. If no one clicks do not pay. This method is great if you sell products on your website. Furthermore, it is easy to determine the cost of each sale and measure success. The best known are Google and Yahoo !, but there are many more.

4. Give a ebook can write your own that includes an ad with a link to your website and allow people to sell it or give it away. If you do not have time to write one, ask other writers permission to use their articles or offer them a commission for eBook. There are plenty of writers who can write an article for you for a fair price.

5. Share your knowledge without asking anything in return If you can create a chat or a forum on your website, the idea of “live” information entice people to visit your website. In addition ta you yourself known as an expert in the matter.

6. It offers free consultations Inquiries may be made ​​by e-mail or telephone. People will value greatly because consulting fees can be very expensive. If you use the phone hire a separate your business or your home online. You can also use Skype. If you give this this service please note that you may need to hire people to help you keep.

7. Provides the ability to participate in a contest for free prizes should be something of value or interest to your visitors, or related to the content of your website. Most people involved continually return to your website to see the results. Do not be discouraged if the first competitions do not get many visitors. It takes time. People will tell their friends that there are contests on your website, and medium term your site will be made ​​known. There are people who go to competitions and visit your site regularly.

8. Allow your visitors download free software. It can be freeware, shareware, demo versions of a program, etc. You can create a section for not mix this with your usual contents or only put a link to an external page. No need to produce free software. There are plenty of websites. All you have to do is link them. If you collect a significant amount of interesting and related to the content of your web software, you’ll get your site will become a valuable resource for your visitors and keep your direction to go back and get more programs.

9. It offers free services or utilities online Do not forget that should be useful to your target audience.

10. It offers the possibility of joining a club online People like to feel they belong to something, why not your online club ?. You can take a free newsletter only to members of the club. The members want most likely contribute largely to the content of the articles on your website or in your newsletter. If you offer a link to their own web club members will be lining up to get put content in your newsletter. It is clear that all this must be related to the content of your site to be of interest to your visitors. Do not go to change the subject on your website. This happens often. The webmaster has a site for three months and as the place does not work as he expected, he decides to try another issue. In doing so loses regular visitors had and have to start again from the beginning. Also, search engines take to switch to the new theme, confounding every visit you get to your website. It can also affect the PR of the site as your new theme may be initially perceived as unrelated content.

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