10 tips to become a better leader

10 tips to become a better leader
Let’s be honest: being a leader is not easy. The good news is we’ve compiled a list of great tips to help you manage your business as a great leader.
1. Guide by example. Leaders need to act not just talk. If you want your employees to be punctual, be sure to arrive on time or at least early. If professionalism is a priority, dress for success and treats everyone with courtesy.
2. A little humility will take you away. There is a big difference between being a leader and a boss. Although both are in charge, but a leader shares the spotlight and is comfortable also giving credit to others. Although it seems counter-productive, be humble will give you more confidence. Your employees will appreciate it and your customers too.
3. Communicate effectively. This is imperative in the office or in your personal life. Great leaders are assured of being heard and understood, but they also know it’s important to listen . Communication is a two way street and will know to take your business to grow instead of slowing down.
4. Make your meetings are productive. As the saying goes, time is money. So you must learn to save time, especially in the joints . If you trust your equipment will work, there should be no need to resort to micromanagement .

5. Know your limits. Even the most friendly and attentive leader has its limits. conflict with them. If others know what you will not tolerate going to be less frustration, that will avoid confusion.
6. Find one mentor . The best leaders know when they need help and know where to go to get it. Nobody knows everything, so find someone you trust for advice when things get tough.
7. Be aware emotionally. Although many people advise you to separate the emotions of business, negotiations are relationships with people. To make them last, you need to be emotionally intelligent to be sensitive to the different views.
8. Beware of (and avoid) common mistakes of leadership. All are wrong, but some mistakes can be avoided. To not repeat, you should be aware of them without obsessing.
9. Learn from the past. The history, recent or past, is full of successful business models and great failures. Think about people you admire and discover what went wrong for those who finished their careers with some scandal.
10. Never stop improving. Great leaders are constantly learning. There will always be something that you can work or a new skill to master. Make sure you have your open to new ideas and possibilities mind.