10 Tips to care Health of Children in Winter

In winters, children are more prone to respiratory infections, as the school is an ideal
breeding ground contagion. Avoiding winter colds is not possible, so not worth obsessing over
that. But you can take steps to prevent such infections and, especially, to decrease their
harmful effects once they occur.

1. Avoid closed and densely populated places.
Overcrowding facilitates transmission of microbial producers of many diseases such as
influenza, laryngitis, ear infections, colds, tonsillitis, pneumonia and others.
The child should continue to make their school and sporting life normally, but avoiding as far
as possible, contact with people with cough, fever or diarrhea.

2. Do not overdo the heat
Accordingly, in the days of bitter cold turn up the heat is always a tempting option, but
exceed 22 degrees dry air, and the secretions of the nose and respiratory tract, essential to
clean the air of germs.
Furthermore, the passage of hot to cold areas also facilitates infection.

3. Humidify environment
Since dry air heating, do something to contrast this effect. Just fill containers with water in
the room where the child is.

4. Keep the child hydrated
Good hydration is essential for the immune system to function properly.

5. Offer to juices and fruits
Offering juices and fruits rich in vitamins helps to improve the child’s defenses. Yogurt is
also a good choice. it is complete food and helps maintain the intestinal flora altered by
infection or by the use of antibiotics.

6. Teach coughing
Cough is the main mechanism to clear the airways of mucus and phlegm, but many children do not
know how to do, and tend to swallow.

7. Use adequate clothing
During cold weather or air, put cap (for the head much heat is lost), scarf, gloves and warm
clothing in layers, to increase or decrease them depending on temperature, from room open to
closed or vice versa.

8. Let go outdoors
Although it’s cold let it be active outdoors. If you have energy to play sports, this exercise
can be beneficial to your health.

9. Always consult your doctor if high fever
If more than 38 degrees of fever, noisy or labored breathing, or if you worry about the
symptoms, go to the emergency room without delay.

10. Fight Congestion
Washing nose with saline is very effective in combating the symptoms of congestion.