10 tips to save battery on your smartphone

We all know that smartphones tend to have a voracious appetite for battery completely. Screens,
high definition applications, the processor power … power devour all components, even the
high-end devices. It is a common problem having to charge the phone every 24 hours maximum, but
today I bring you 10 tips to save battery , which apart from applications that enhance autonomy
in Android , you will help prolong the life of your smartphone considerably .

1. Use funds commensurate with display technology

If your device has an AMOLED screen (as many of those manufactured by Samsung), use a dark
color. AMOLED displays only illuminate the colored pixels. That is, pixels are the black color
to be off, therefore a black wallpaper only illuminate the icons, thus, a small percentage of
screen is what will actually consume energy.

2. Beware Widgets

Many widgets , such as weather or news, require constant internet connection or wifi, which
will transmit data all the time, resulting in battery drain that entails.

3. The vibration-consuming

Unless you really need it, turn off the vibration function of your smartphone. It really
consumes a lot more battery than normal tone or silent mode. Turns Haptic Feedback (tactile
feedback) as well. Even if you feel well, do not add anything to your experience rather than
consuming battery, do you really need that each press of a letter terminal vibrate?

4. Original Batteries always

Save some money on batteries that can potentially harm your device at the end is expensive. It
is not a good option. In addition, the original battery is 100% optimized for your phone, like
voltage and capacity. In addition, an aftermarket battery can explode and do not want.

5. Keep a short waiting period

Set up your smartphone to the standby screen out quickly, which suits you best. But note that
if you set too high a time, at the end of the day you’ve lost several minutes that do not
actually use your smartphone. A daily average user look at your screen at least 150 times, it
is not hard to imagine how we could save power if we put a little attention to this aspect.
Many times we look just to see the time, if the terminal is turned off in 10 seconds instead of
1 minute, 50 seconds those we have saved.

6. Turn off the data

Sets the lock mode to turn off the WiFi and mobile data when you do not need. You can also put
airplane mode while you sleep or during a meeting in the office. Besides, you save your data
rate when not in use if you turn it off.

7. Disable the features and gestural commands

Especially if you have a Samsung or Moto X again. Unless you really use these functions, what
they do is consume a lot of battery. Do you really need that running his hand over the terminal
it stops ringing?

8. Beware the automatic brightness

It may seem useful, but it is actually a function that sets a lot more light than we need. We
recommend that the settings and manually select a brightness to medium. You can lift when you
really need more light. In my case, I have at least indoors, outdoors and when I go to change
it. It did not take anything from the quick settings notification bar.
9. The less connectivity better.

Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi when not needed. If you use your smartphone always at
home or at work you better have WiFi active and put it into sleep mode instead of on and off
each time. Some terminals and the new Motorola have designed for this application, and if you
do not have these apps natively, you can find them easily on Google Play some similar.

10. Upgrade!

Keep your applications updated. There is a reason that developers update their apps every bit,
among other things, for better device performance and battery life. Like if you rooteas your
phone, there are many ROM’s to improve it, like having your phone with an Android version as
modern as possible.

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