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The unemployment rate in Spain slashing 26% , one of the highest in the world, and 5.9 million unemployed in our country, 50% are long lasting . Economic experts predict that labor market and the level of unemployment will not fall below 15% in 10 years.

At this juncture million professionals face daily in our country the daunting task of finding a job . Sending dozens of resumes, long job interviews, selection processes hundreds of candidates at the same place and a daunting “we’ll call” answer in most cases.

Time passes and the goal of reintegration into the labor market is not readily available. Current employment situation can generate a feeling of discouragement that do give up many candidates who may think that their effort is vacant and no way of getting a job.

To avoid falling into this frustration and facilitate a series of hints and tips to make more fruitful search for a job, signing services outplacement and relocation Lee Hecht Harrison, belonging to one of the world’s largest grypos HR, Adecco, has developed a Decalogue (Ten Commandments) for finding employment in the new year just brand new.

The goal of re-entering the job market or access a first professional experience is not easy to achieve in Spain today. But despite the scarcity of jobs, still running some vacancies and some businesses are recovering recruitment by the improved outlook.

There are different ways to find a job. The hidden market is the name given to all those jobs that never made public because they deal before doing so; one curcunstancia become increasingly common in this crisis because of the abundance of candidates and the scarcity of available seats.

The networking is a classic that still appears as one of the most effective in job search tools.

In recent years also social networks are proving to be a good showcase to take note before recruiters, who disclosed their selection processes through these channels.

Another option that is gaining weight in our country due to labor market circumstances is to try to launch a business idea or a business project and embark on entrepreneurship.

Whatever the job search, the attitude is a key to success. Despite the difficulties, we must plan job search with optimism, be persistent and be not win by discouragement; and I take it as a work in itself that must devote several hours a day. Here are the tips of the signing of outplacement and relocation of Adecco Group does not decay into the complicated job search:

1. Decide what you want and where you want to be.

2. Be positive, a new job is waiting.

3. Know yourself:

• Evaluate what you’ve achieved so far.

• What is your potential.

• And what makes you unique.

4. Build your personal brand. Make a concrete plan with realistic goals and be persistent in implementing it.

5. Take into consideration all available channels: social media, networking, recruitment companies and spontaneous applications.

6. Find Jobs is a job. You are responsible for your career.

7. Expand your horizons, chances are you’ve seen us learn and unlearn.

8. Get help and accept it: change periods provide the best opportunities for growth.

9. You are your best business, invest in yourself; if you do not, nobody will.

10. Flags-, changes every “no” to a “why not”.