10 ways to feel good every day

Sometimes we reach a point where we are tired, exhausted, and we get cranky or we just want to get out of bed. Want something to change this situation and be happier?
I’ll show you 10 tips to feel good every day. Keep this gallery and do not miss them!

Work out less but more intensely
If you do not have an hour to devote to the gym, do not worry. The short workouts are easy to follow and just as beneficial.

For example, instead of jogging 40 minutes, do intervals, jog for 2 minutes every velucidad runs for one minute and at intervals up to 20. Do not follow a restricted diet
Food has a powerful impact on our mood, so the depriving certain cravings can influence our mood. There is everything you eat in large quantities, but allow yourself to give small controlled tastes that will improve your mood. Surround yourself with flowers
The flowers are pretty, colorful, and have a pleasant aroma, ideal to have as decor items in your home. Moreover, according to recent studies, people with flowers around it have proven to be more enthusiastic compared to their daily activities.

Is not it worth a try?

Drink water

Dehydration makes you feel tired and a dream, lethargic. Therefore it is important to drink plenty of water daily because it will restore your energy and feel like new, besides the already known benefits of hydrate.

Come algae

For a good dose of vitamin B, which are those that help metabolize carbohydrates and provide instant energy, take supplements made from algae, such as E3 Live. A liquid supplement made with frozen fresh seaweed.

Choose best sweets
Sometimes sugar sticks are our ally to fight on, but the reality is that sugar will make you feel good for a half hour and then your energy levels will fall rapidly.

Therefore it is important to choose carefully your sweet; Rich is better something with half the calories and less sugar. Such as Sweet Riot cacao.

Take a walk before lunch

Even a walk around the block, it’s great to walk before lunch, because around that time, the body releases melatonin which causes a drowsy state, why expose yourself ten minutes of sunshine, a little while before you eat, you will help prevent it.

It always takes the same breakfast

When you know exactly what you are eating is less likely to not skip a meal, or you make a bad food decision. Remember that a cup of coffee is not enough; start your day with protein, fresh fruit and sesame seeds that have high amount of iron and calcium.

Talking to a stranger, and praise him something like shoes, for example will make you happy and put you it will cause the same sensation, resulting in a mini explosion of endorphins.

Choose fun clothes gym

Strong colors and patterns diveridos your look will change your mood and give you more eager to go to the gym and show off. But note that it is also comfortable and appropriate for exercise.

What are you waiting to try these tips and feel good every day? ! Cheer