10 weird questions that can confuse you at a job interview

weird questions
weird questions

10 weird questions that can confuse you at a job interview

“What had breakfast today?” This is just one of the questions that may surprise you in the recruitment process. How to respond appropriately. It’s in a job interview. Things are going well, but suddenly asked: “Who would win in a fight between Spider-man and Batman?”your first thought might be “Oh, really?” No matter how strange it may seem a question during a job interview, take a deep breath and try to respond well.Of course, do not miss the funny thing is playing with you. But probably the company is trying to see how you respond under pressure, how to solve a problem and if you fit the company.

Here are 10 of the most eccentric questions that the website firstaidforhealth.com has collected from candidates who have recently come to interviews.

1. “Who would win in a fight between Spider-man and Batman?”
This may be one of those questions where the recruiter expected to respond with questions of context , explains Susan Underwood, director of talent acquisition firstaidforhealth. For example, where the fight takes place? Are climbing a building? Do you have special weapons?

2. “What is your favorite song from the nineties?”
The intention here may just have an idea of your personality . But as with all interview questions helps to relate your answer to the main characteristics of the job you’re applying, suggested Underwood.

Can not remember a specific song from the 90s? Choose another favorite and explain why he likes.

3. “If you wake up and have 2,000 unread emails and you can only respond 300 of them, how would choose what to answer?”
Most employers want to know how to prioritize and select the job in a crises . But technology companies may be particularly interested in seeing how he handles  one avalanche of lawsuits , as deadlines are tight and emergencies related to a product or customer may arise often.

4. “Describe the yellow to someone who is blind”
Underwood think the question is bound to know the capacity of sensitivity of a candidate. So you could address the question by saying that he would ask the blind person how you feel in the sun . And whatever your answer (eg ” heated “), you can say that’s one way to describe the color yellow.

5. “If I had a machine that produces $ 100 lifetime, how much would you be willing to pay for it today?”
Underwood wonders which means “$ 100 for life” . So you might ask if that means bucks 100 a year? Does every month? Are daily? Are would adjust for inflation? You might also ask about the competition . Is the machine patented? How many other companies have a similar product?

6. “What breakfast?”
This really is rare, it is unclear who is behind that question. Underwood suggests that responds to eat something healthy because he likes to be ready to start the day.

7. “What if it were the only survivor of a plane crash?”
This question may be an attempt to unravel how to address an unfamiliar situation , says Underwood. Your recommendation: give a response that will allow to know the interviewer that you are someone who checks everything twice and supports those around you . For example, you can say you would like to see if there really is no other survivors .

“If the information you were given is incorrect, could save a life,” says Underwood. Or could respond to first try to get to safety, help and later offered to help notify relatives if necessary.

8. “If you were asked to download a Boeing 747 full of candy, what would you do?”
It’s a huge task , and apparently has to do it . So ask for more information before submitting its plan. For example, what resources are available to me? How much time do you have to download the plane? How are packaged candies?

9. “How many people flew in from Chicago last year?”
Your task here is to demonstrate how you think , and specifically how to arrive at a reasonable estimate with little initial knowledge .

Let the interviewer know what data you think you need to get to the answer . You can even  ask if it’s okay to look for things on the Internet.

In any case, “it is important to listen to the interviewer’s response to your questions, give you a guide,” says Underwood.

10. “What is your favorite Disney Princess?”
If you are requesting a service job , Cinderella might be a good answer , because she works hard, faces challenges and is beloved Underwood said. Do not like the princesses? You can choose a nice and hardworking prince or a superhero.