10 Women traits that men love

10 Women traits that men love
What qualities of women are attractive to men? Of course, everyone has their preferences, but in general are attracted to certain traits, attributes or behaviors.

1. Ten sense of humor .

Laugh at life, problems, but especially yourself. That’s irresistible prove you’re a person with good character and who appreciates things in perspective (and can not for the life of haughty princess and / or helpless).

2. Be independent.

Let him know that you have life and that your plans are not on hold until you find Mr. Right . But beware: independent self is not synonymous. Cultivate your world to share it with him and both of you will enrich learning from each other.

3. No critiques .

Above all, your friends and your family. And especially to himself … let alone in public. You will lose your confidence and also cease to be spontaneous with you, because you will look like a castrating figure, and that’s nothing sexy.

4. Be feminine .

Cultivate sensuality , love your own body and pleasure to be attractive your way, and not by the standards that dictate cosmetics brands. Men like women who like themselves.

5. Indirect Sin.

If you have something to say, learn to speak clearly. Be assertive, they do not like or indirect offenses keeping you fazed them to release them at the most unexpected time.

6. Follow your intuition .

That sixth sense is ridiculed by many men. But if your intuition proved to be a good guide in your life, do not let anyone silenced. That inner voice that “knows” is a gift … that as many men would like to own.
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7. Get out your sweetness.

Some women are naturally sweet. But many others, today, have confused the strongest being with become hard. And the hardness not like men because they know (from experience) that is nothing more than a shell that hides the vulnerability.

8. Be real.

When you relate to them, forget the rules and tips thousand magazines, self-help books and even articles like this. Be yourself, spontaneous, unpredictable and without impositions. It is another symptom of security in yourself that is irresistible.

9. Good conversationalist.

A yes men who like to talk … when are facing someone who listens, is sympathetic and intelligent, flexible, curious and generous.

10. Bella … normal .

Women traits
Women traits

How many women live self-conscious because they feel defective when compared with models and actresses perfect bodies … They believe that they only care about the physical. And the truth is I do care, but when it comes to a relationship not seek sex dolls. Remember attracted to curves, harmony and women who care, but do not live obsessed with a kilo or more Michelin supposedly .

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