100 ways to reduce stress

100 ways to reduce stress
1. Find the silence occasionally.

Turn off the TV, your cell phone, computer, information overload, because these things can cause stress. Appreciate the silence can help you feel more relaxed and calm.

2. Learn meditation.
Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, and also has many positive health benefits. People doing meditation regularly may even live longer.

3. Take a bath.

Relax with a warm bath at night is a great way to relax and prepare your body for sleep. Turn out the lights and put some candles around your bathtub to generate an atmosphere of tranquility.
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4. Read books to feed the soul.

The books contain positive affirmations, daily meditations or uplifting stories will help you feel better and restore the belief that life can be good.

5. Try aromatherapy.

Many aromatherapy oils are known for their relaxing properties. Add a few drops to your bath tub or preparing a smooth oil to rub on your skin, lie on your back, relax and enjoy the soothing scents these oils output.

6. Find your passion.

Follow your bliss; devoted time and energy to something you care about. Choose a hobby or interest that stimulates you and energy, something you enjoy as much as you can happily lose as you do.

7. Stop reading / watching the news.

Especially at night before going to bed. If you feel stressed due to read or listen to news, then avoid it. The bad news can make you feel worse. It’s good that you disconnect the negative news if they bother you, this will not make you look like a less responsible person.

8. Healthy laughter.

Laughter is good for the soul and can improve your mood. Rent a comedy DVD, go to a funny movie, read a book that makes you laugh.

9. Make your home is your sanctuary.

Decorate your home in a way that gives you pleasure. May your house be a place where you can look around and see the things that make you happy. You do not have to spend a lot of money; a few plants, some colorful cushions and a few paintings on the walls can make your home a welcoming place where you enjoy spending time.

10. Enjoy a massage.

Massage is good for your body and your soul. Studies show that just feel the touch of another person is healing. The massage helps you relax, release physical tension and let the emotional stress.

11. Let it out.

Have a good cry, it may make you feel better. Tears are the lifeblood of the soul, and mourn helps us to heal emotionally.

12. Train yourself .

Exercise is a well known stressing. The endorphins that are released when you exercise improves your mood. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy, exercise does not have to be a chore anymore. At least, try to exercise 3 times a week, with sessions of at least 20 minutes.

13. Caress your pet.

Do you have a pet? Some studies suggest that if you caress a cat, dog or any other pet can help release accumulated tension.

14. Listen to CDs of guided imagery or self-hypnosis.

Select CDs of guided imagery and hypnosis that are designed to reduce the level of stress. Just relax, play the CD and begins to experience a new level of relaxation.

15. Try yoga .

Yoga is a form of mental, physical and spiritual exercise that can help you to build strength, increase flexibility of the body and calm the mind. The calming breathing techniques and relaxation are key parts of a regular practice of yoga.

16. Eat healthy .

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Eat foods that are high in lean protein such as meat and fish, complex carbohydrates like bread and whole wheat pasta, and do not forget to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid junk food and sugary foods, these foods promote stress, weight gain and lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

17. Avoid caffeine.

Tea, coffee and cola drinks can aggravate your stress because these drinks contain caffeine acts as a stimulant. This can make you feel ‘hyper’. Drink with moderation or replace these drinks for medicinal tea or green tea.

18. Sleep enough.

If you live in a frenzy going to feel exhausted and stressed. Make sure you get enough sleep. This way you can deal with daily cares.

19. Communicate your problems.

If you have problems that are haunting your mind that you think you can not solve by yourself, talk about them with a close friend or relative. If you communicate your concerns can help you feel better, and maybe your friend can bring a different and useful perspective, or I can give good advice.

20. Walk a little.

A 20 minute walk in the fresh air helps to relax your mind and improve your mood. If you walk with enough force, it can also count as one of your weekly exercise sessions.

21. Get organized.

Being organized can help you feel more in control of your life. Plan well in advance and get ready. Start your preparation the night before, either for work or for any other event, this will help reduce the risk of being stressed while running for ‘the cares of tomorrow’.

22. Set realistic goals .

Know what you want to achieve and then see how you’re going to do. Do not predisposing to fail, choose goals that you know you can reach easily attainable in your current circumstances.

23. Help someone, offer yourself as a volunteer.

Do not focus only on yourself, do something good for someone else. Choose a cause that appeals to you, or help a loved one and that is also stressed.

24. Listen to music.

Choose a type of music that energizes you and inspire; listen to your favorite songs. If desired, sing as loud as you can, if you like. Music helps you improve your mood.

25. List your blessings.

Remember all the good things you have in life, people you care about and your achievements. You will find that you have many things for which you should be grateful.

26. Keep a journal.

Write your thoughts may serve to heal emotionally, and if you bring a journal can help you identify those people and situations that are causing you stress. Once you know what those triggers, then you can take the necessary measures to address them.

27. Explore your creativity.

Art, crafts, poetry – access your creative side might help you remember things that are really important to you. Do not worry about being “good at it”, just enjoy the process of creating something.

28. Take a vacation.

If you can not costearte a vacation with all of the law, then plan out a weekend or day trip. The change of scenery will do you good.

29. Make a list of ‘things to do’.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do every day, then make a list of things to do. Place the important and necessary tasks in the top of the list and work the rest of the list in order, crossing things off to the extent that’re doing.

30. Try herbal remedies.

Herbal teas such as chamomile, lavender, passionflower and lemon verbena can help you relax. And, do not contain caffeine.

31. Find a different perspective.

The anxiety and worry can dominate your life. If you see constantly concerned about the same problem, then try to see it in a different way. Ask a friend or family member to tell his view of the matter – maybe I can help you see the problem differently.

32. Clean your house.

A messy house can make you feel more stressed. Clean, throw rubbish and donate items you no longer want to charity. A house with good space will encourage you to have a mind and clear thinking.

33. Seek medical help if you are depressed.

If you feel that stress is taking you to depression, then it is a serious matter. Consult your doctor immediately and ask for help.

34. Leave the negative internal dialogue.

Stop talking badly about yourself in your mind, negative self-talk you weak. You can do it. And your life has meaning. Cheer yourself, remember all the things you can do successfully and remember all those who care about you.

35. Give yourself something.

Occasionally treat yourself to something you like, does not have to be expensive. A new haircut, a cup of rich hot chocolate, a new application or a game can give you a temporary boost and raise your spirits.

36. Dedicate yourself to spiritual life.

It is said that spiritual people experience less stress than those who do not have spiritual beliefs. Go to church, learn Buddhist meditation, join a yoga group. Spirituality has many forms – choose something that catches your attention.

37. Send you messages to yourself.

If you put uplifting messages throughout your house could remind you to feel good about yourself. Magnets placed in the refrigerator or small posters with short messages or affirmations can strengthen your resolve to stay with a positive attitude.

38. Take a shower.

If you feel stressed or being with others through the crowds, wash that feeling at the end of the day. A good shower can help you feel better immediately.

39. Try acupuncture.

Acupuncture, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, can help relieve stress and physical tension. Internet searches professionals who are near your area.

40. Put schedule your concerns.

Then stop thinking about them. If you realize you’re constantly worried sets a time frame of 15 minutes to “worry” every day. Allow yourself to be worried about your problems only in this space designated time. Then stop. Distract your mind with other activities.

41. Looking for a hug.

Someone you love; your partner, your children, a grandfather – even a pet. Physical contact is good for the soul.

42. Get up 15 minutes earlier.

Start your day 15 minutes early so your mornings less stressful. This extra time will allow you to be ready for the new day without having to go quick.

43. Practice self-acceptance.

Know what things can and do things you can not change. The actions of some people and some situations are beyond your control. Learn to recognize when there is nothing you can do to change the way things are.

44. Take care of your appearance.

If you have care of your body, keeping a healthy weight and maintaining a hair and skin look good, it can help you feel more confident in yourself. Make an effort to increase your self-esteem.

45. Procrastination Stress causes.

There is a saying: do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Leave many outstanding things can cause you stress. Try to do things you have to do as soon as you can.

46. ​​Simplify your life.

Keep things simple, you do not need more than one phone; not need a giant cluttered and bulky cabinet you no longer use. Simplify your life with only those items that really need or that you like.

47. Use calendars and agendas.

Use calendars and agendas, so you can keep up with all the things you have to do, and can remember important events like birthdays. Many cell phones and computers have functions agenda and calendar that you can use.

48. Keep your car and your appliances with good maintenance.

Try to be aware of your own stuff. Damaged appliances can add additional stress to your everyday life. Make sure those things that you need as gas heaters and your car are frequently reviewed to avoid stressful situations in the future.

49. Always have a plan B.

Life does not always work the way we want. If you always have a plan B, or C or D plan if necessary, you will avoid is stress suffer disappointment. I learn to adapt, be open to different possibilities.

50. Ps 15 minutes prior to your appointments and commitments.

Be sure to take enough time if you have to be in a certain place at a certain time. Nothing rises higher stress levels than trying to fight traffic, or experience delays in public transport, in those moments when you’re late.

51. Learn how to lower your standards.

You are not superman or superwoman. Nobody does everything right all the time. Being a perfectionist can be stressful. Do your best, walking the extra mile when necessary, but learn to recognize when it is time to say enough is enough.

52. Learn to know when to let go of something or someone.

Hold on to people or patterns of behavior that are not good for you, it can cause stress. Sometimes you just have to go forward start feeling better.

53. Always nestled at lunchtime.

Your body and mind need rest. Do not skip lunch at work, and take regular breaks throughout the day. A break from work can rest your mind, to make better the day work.

54. Make your bedroom is your sanctuary.

Get the TV and clutter your room. Television acts as a brain stimulant, and if you watch TV late at night, before bedtime, you can keep your mind active and cause insomnia. Make your bedroom a place to sleep, and sleeping only.

55. Stop smoking .

Stop smoking if possible. It might seem that smoking is relaxing, but nicotine is actually a stimulant. Quitting smoking can be stressful in the short term but long term benefits to your health and well-being are huge. Seek professional help to help you quit once and for all.

56. Do something nice for someone you do not know.

If you have random acts of kindness can help improve your mood and the other person. Do something simple and nice for someone you do not know much, for example, a coworker who barely speak.

57. Try to be flexible.

Having a rigid attitude in life is stressful because when things change, as they inevitably will occur, this uncompromising view of life makes it more difficult and frightening it can adapt. Try not to be so rigid in your ways. Those who are open to new experiences, keep your mind active and are less likely to suffer from stress.

58. Take each day one day at a time.

Nobody can predict the future. Take each day as it comes and try not to worry about things that do not have, or may never occur.

59. Learn to be patient.

Sometimes you have to wait in line. Do not let yourself get stressed delays. It is prepared – take a small book to read, play with your cell phone. Use the waiting time to relax. No sense being in the increasingly altered row. Some things are beyond our control. Relax and indulge yourself in things.

60. Test the martial arts.

If stress is making you feel too angry or aggressive, then try to handle that aggression in a controlled manner. Martial arts like Kung Fu, Karate and Jujitsu, teach combat skills in a safe and controlled environment – which helps you to release repressed anger in a positive way.

61. Learn to delegate.

If you have many things to do, learn to delegate tasks. Your family can help, as would your coworkers, if you really have too much to do.

62. Avoid toxic people.

The plaintive and whiny people can subtly download the mood. Leave negative people and surround yourself with good friends and family who have the best intentions.

63. Learn a new skill.

Master a new skill can help you increase your self-esteem. Be sure to choose something that catches your eye, and fun for you.

64. Resolves conflicts speaking directly.

If the conflict is a source of stress for you, talk direct and rational way the other person. Do your best to communicate your point clearly emotionless. This way you’ve made it your best to solve the problem. If the other person does not come halfway encontrarse way for you, then that’s their problem.

65. Plan to spend time with your family and friends.

Spending time with people you love and who can help you relax, have fun and remember those things that are really important in life.

66. Spend time outdoors.

Reconnect with nature. A walk in the park, in the field or on the beach can help relieve stress. Take time to observe plants, trees, flowers and wildlife that you encounter. The natural world contains many beautiful things that will help you remember that life is precious.

67. Test reflexology.

Reflexology is a technique of foot massage can help you relax and relieve stress. Book a session as a gift for yourself.

68. Manage your finances.

The debts cause stress. Keep control of your finances and plan your expenses carefully. Do not spend what you do not. Learn to spend responsibly. The possessions usually bring a fleeting happiness, financial debts can last a lifetime.

69. Learn to prioritize.

Do not worry about the little things, as they say, and try not to let the little things get stressed you. Some things just are not worth enough to be angry about them.

70. Look at life as a journey not a destination.

If you are able to see your life as a journey, where sometimes you deviate from the main road, you’ll feel less stressed. Goals such as “I will be married at age 25,” or “I will be making X amount when you have 40 years”, could not be reached. Perhaps not going to get from A to B the way you planned. That’s not important, enjoy the path is much more fun.
71. Test products to help you relieve stress.

Release your anger using a stress ball. The stress balls provide an inexpensive and fun way to discuss stress. Tighten can help relieve physical and emotional stress.

72. Learn to say no.

Sometimes you just can not be available to everyone. Learn to set healthy boundaries in your life. If you are constantly running around trying to help others learn to stop. Sometimes your own needs have to be met first. You do not have to become selfish, only you should know when to set limits.

73. Lee pleasure.

Books and stories can transport us to new places in our minds, and help us put aside concerns. Read books that interest you and inspire you – autobiographies, self-help, thrillers, cookbooks, travel diaries – choose anything you enjoy.

74. Place plants in your home.

Some studies suggest that plants at home can help reduce blood pressure and relieve stress. Moreover, the plants look good and can also help keep your home clean and fresh look.

75. Learn to forgive.

A yourself, and others. Blame and guilt are toxic and stressful emotions. Banish these emotions, learn to let injuries or past regrets. What’s done is done, and none of us can change the past.

76. Practice Reiki.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing. All you have to do is schedule a meeting, get there, lay back and relax. The Reiki practitioner will place his hands on you to help release negative energy and stressful.

77. Make first unpleasant or less pleasant tasks.

Make early on day tasks that are boring or unpleasant – you’ll feel less stressed after that you’re done. Leave time available later in the day to do things you enjoy.

78. Create a dashboard of your vision / goals .

Date things to look forward and suck in your life. A board showing pictures cut from magazines that represent your goals, can inspire you to keep plugging away if your mood is low.

79. Do not over-dramatize your problems.

Nobody can predict the future, but try to think long term. A bad week does not mean your life will be bad forever. Puff, Puff, Pass with constant change. Everyone experiences ups and downs, and boring periods where nothing seems to happen.

80. Attend an event.

Go see something you enjoy. A sporting event, a show in the theater, a music concert, a live band – anything that interests you. Take time to go see something you energy and inspire you.

81. Keep your weight .

Being overweight is stressful and can cause low self-esteem. If you maintain a healthy weight, you’ll have more energy and feel better about yourself in general. Another good reason to exercise.

82. Stick to gardening.

Amateur gardeners find that caring and nurturing plants is a relaxing and rewarding activity. If you have a garden, you can always plant in a pot to put in window or on a balcony.

83. Baila.

There is a famous saying: “Work like you do not need the money Love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like no one’s watching…” Dancing releases stress and it’s fun. Draw the curtains or blinds, crank up the music and dance like no one was watching.

84. Imagine the worst possible scenario.

If you realize you’re constantly worried about a particular problem, try to imagine the worst that could happen with respect to that concern. Then try to establish what you should do if that happened. Having a plan and feel ready you can help eliminate fear and stress that are causing you concern.

85. Watch the sunset or sunrise.

There’s something about the stillness of the morning and something profoundly beautiful in the sunset colors. Calms and nourishes your soul enjoy those simple and natural pleasures.

86. Change your routine.

The Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho said: “If you think adventure is dangerous, then the routine test is lethal ….” Change the way you do things can help relieve stress, change is good for our brains. Do not do the same things on certain days, week after week. Stir things up.

87. Bake or kitchen:

You can not beat homemade food; tastes much better for one, is generally more nutritious and there is something deeply satisfying when we prepare our own food. Share what you’ve cooked with others to have that extra factor of wellbeing.

89. Ask for help.

Sometimes you just have to ask for help. If stress is killing you, talk to a close relative, a friend or your doctor. Calls favors, you’ll pay handsomely once you feel less stressed.

90. Try Tai Chi classes or Qi Gong.

Tai Chi and Qigong are Chinese martial arts that focus on movement and breath control. The movements are soft, fluid and precise. Sometimes these techniques are described as a form of moving meditation, both techniques are recommended by their qualities to eliminate stress.

91. Avoid gossip.

Find yourself caught in the gossip can cause you stress. People get hurt because of unfounded gossip everyday. Avoid listening gossip and avoid repeating them. Stay away from any activity that could have potentially stressful consequences.

92. Visualize success.

Creative visualization is a technique where you imagine yourself in a positive way in the future. All you have to do is lie down, relax and imagine you are easily and effectively reach those goals you could cause stress.

93. Looking counseling.

If you feel that stress is dominating your life, you may need professional help. Counseling sessions can help you gain a new perspective on your situation. Some forms of counseling such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you see problems in a different way, helping you handle stress more effectively.

94. Try biofeedback technique.

Biofeedback is a technique you can learn to help you relax and manage stress effectively. Many doctors recommend. Search the Internet to find a professional biofeedback in your area.

95. Eat foods that help you reduce stress.

Oats, bread and whole wheat pasta and pasta, bluefish, black tea, pistachio nuts, avocados and milk are some foods that can help you fight stress.

96. Create win-win situations.

If you’re dealing with difficult people, and this sounds stressful, try to create win-win results in any way.

97. Learn from your experiences – good and bad.

Do not give a beating from your past mistakes. Learn from them; think about how you do things differently in the future. When you succeed, look what you did to achieve your goal, and then try to repeat those same methods in future projects.

98. Try the self massage.

If you can not costearte a normal massage, then buy yourself a self-massager. In this way, you can relieve physical tension and you will receive anti-stress massage provides a regular full benefits.

99. Use the water as therapy.

Being near the water has a calming effect. Whether a lake, a waterfall, ocean or rain. The water generates “negative ions” that help you relieve stress and improve your mood.

100. Enjoy the small and simple things in life.

Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, a beautiful day, spending time laughing with friends, the fully bloomed flowers. Every day many positive things happen around us. Learn to stop, to perceive and appreciate. Life is a miracle that we enjoy as much as we can.