11 tricks you may not know of Gmail

11 tricks you may not know of Gmail
The email service Google has all kinds of tricks to its users, who do not always work to install are taken and therefore use. For some it is enough basics. For others, install applications or configurations to go beyond is very complicated.

But it’s really not that hard. In this guide you can find 11 short tips that can help you better manage the service more popular email the planet.

1. Close sessions left open

Often happens that one does not notice and leave an open session on a computer, or tablet, or phone or Laptop- alien. Thus, as vulnerable.

That is hopeless.

In the inbox, go down.

In small print at the bottom of the page to the right says “detailed information”.

Click on the link and see all account activity, with time, date and place.

There you can log on either device.

2. Answer the mass mailings

This is perfect for the birthday.

To send the same message to many people with just one click, you must activate it on Google Labs, a section in the settings where you can change the applications that Google is still trying.

Then you write the message that repeat several times and guards: next to the trash, right, a row of options opens.

In “standard answers” you can record, erase and indeed replicate.

3. Cancel a shipment

Yes, even this were invented: to undo a shipment.

There’s just go to Google Labs and activate it.

Although -ojo- only have a few seconds to do. If you depart after having sent the page, you can not undo shipping.

4. Send voice messages

There, too, that activate in the Labs. And have an account with Google Voice, a free phone service from Google.

But to turn this you can send messages play Google Voice on your computer.

5. gives visibility to how many unread emails you have

In the Labs you can turn this beautiful and more visible way to find out how many you have unread mail in the Inbox.

This, of course, is for people who have many tabs open.

6. Make advanced searches

It happens: you get a lot of emails and one does not want to delete.

The search was the solution for that, but the better you use it with greater speed and efficiency’ll find the messages.

Gmail has two words, “from:” (de) and “subject:” (subject), allowing search email from certain people on topics or subjects determined.

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7. Avoid getting mail arrives via Google+

Everyone who has Gmail, Google + is the social network of Google.

As part of this, one can write to a person through Google + without knowing your email address.

However, this can be disabled in the General Settings section.

You just have to answer “no” to the question “Who can send email through your Google+ profile?”.

8. Export your email

Gmail has many functions: contacts, calendar and of course email.

Each of these can download not only the storage but to import into your phone, share with a friend or install other email accounts that are not Google.

In Contacts, click the button “More” and then enter to “Export” where you choose what you want to lose.

9. Mute conversation

You know those emails in which a huge number of people involved and when you’re busy, they can become exasperating?

There is a solution for that: mute a conversation without deleting.

Just enter the menu “More” when you’re in conversations and select “Mute”.

10. Find and delete messages larger

Some people do not delete emails. Leaving them there, taking up space. To the extent that they suffer full mail and for cleaning.

11. Stop forget to answer certain messages

It happens when you read an email arrives and then you forget to answer it because it came out of your radar.

“Snooze Your Email for Gmail” is an application (“add on”, they usually say) that lets you set reminders for certain messages.