12 tips to overcome a job interview

12 tips to overcome a job interview

Face a job interview

Job Interview
Job Intervie

is one of the situations that generate more nervous and worry in your life. Sitting in front of¬†someone, answer questions “correctly” and show that the right person for the position is assumed, in most cases, previous hours of nervousness and doubt. More so when you want or really need this job. To get an interview needs to be active in seeking employment. It is imperative that you visit job search sites . Today most companies use them to post their requests.

And once you get your chance, here are

12 tips to overcome the interview work :

Control the nerves .

Do not be nervous, or at least not look like. When we are nervous, we fail with the words, we tend to say incorrect sentences, we can even forget basic personal information. Sleep well the day before and thinks it’s a conversation more about your skills and your knowledge.

Be punctual .

Few things worse impression generated late for a job interview. Arrive five minutes before. No more. And if you have to wait, do it patiently Know the company . This is very important.

Research the company.

On his way to work, the average age of their Job Interview workers, their way of doing things … If you go to interview with the boss and you can, find out things about him before. It will help you feel in familiar surroundings when you’re doing the interview and you will not mess up with comments that may be
totally opposed to the philosophy of the company.
Get the latest news from the industry or sector in which the company is located. Documentation on the latest industry news. You must demonstrate that you know and are interested in working in the field that you are moving.

Knowing the job vacancy .

It is essential that you know works to position you are applying.
Find out everything you can about the functions that must be performed and the level of knowledge required for the job. Always try to highlight sections of your resume or your work experience that have more to do with the post. If you know you’re not trained, do not present. There will be another post for you.

Know your resume .

Sometimes we fill the curriculum thousand degrees and courses and if we asked about them we can not remember when we did or where. While reviewing your resume before the interview and not fail at such a basic question.

Do not lie .

Do not invent securities. Do not try to think you know what you do not know because the interviewer will notice. And in case you’re as good cheating so do not do it.

Be natural but correct.

Do not look like someone you’re not. If you are a gracious and smiling person, do not be afraid to show it, taking into account the context in which you find yourself, of course. Any impostada pose, be noticed and look like a person who is hiding something.

Be nice .

You’re conducting a job interview, and a basic quality in any job, and in life, is to be an educated and polite person. A smile instead of a frown and a person who look at you instead of someone who looks away.

Dress well .

That does not mean you should put on your best clothes. But do not be present at a job interview tracksuit, with flip flops or excessively trimmed or flashy. The goal is for the interviewer to notice you, not your clothes.

Avoid crossing your arms and legs .

In the non-verbal language, these gestures generated in the interviewer the image of a closed person and defensive. And do not touch too much hair and face, showing nervousness.

Question .

Do not be afraid to ask if you have doubts. And especially if the interviewer who calls you is this: “Do you have any questions?”. Do not say no.

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