13 common mistakes new users in LinkedIn

13 common mistakes new users in LinkedIn
Since leaving the profile up wanting to socialize too are some details that must be corrected. Place a LinkedIn profile is not enough to rain down employment opportunities or business, as thousands of people like you exist in the same situation.

To achieve differentiate yourself from the rest you must keep active and strengthen relationships. However, we must go step by step. First you have to perform tasks that become pillars, such as activating the curriculum, place a good photograph and establish relationships that we recommend.

After an observation time I noted the following mistakes that new users to join LinkedIn:

Leave no personal photo profile.

Remember that your letter is input image. The photo is how you will remember, because people are usually visual and recognizes the environment with this. Hardly anyone is interested in hearing from someone whose photograph does not exist because there is basically no one.

Place a bad picture.

As I mentioned, the graphic image is critical to generate the image we want to convey. Not enough to put a size photo in the profile. You must insert a clear, crisp picture and to transmit energy, positivity and professionalism. Therefore, the single-color background claros–preferably a light color and smile are important.

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Open the profile and then leave.

Try to keep your profile up to date from the beginning, then, from the moment you active on LinkedIn, the system will send notifications to users. That is an excellent opportunity to begin to project yourself as most usually attend this first notification.

Update information block.

Please update your profile with frequency, so you will always be visible since the system sends notifications to others whenever you update. In addition, you yourself will be tedious to load this information if you are cumulative.

Disable update notifications to users.

The visibility are key updates. So you keep them activated Not just idea of opening a public profile which information is exchanged?

Post like Facebook.

Remember you are in a professional network that you should act like one. The opinions must be oriented work areas and contribute to productivity, otherwise, instead of generating reputation lose it.

Add to everyone.

LinkedIn is not a dating profile. If you want to reach someone else you should ask your contact to make you the bridge, check if your profile is contact information or acerártele wisely, in discussion groups.

Do not invite anyone.

The idea is to generate LinkedIn to project professional networks, exchange valuable information and maintain contact, so do not be afraid to send invitations to your friends.

Not intervene in the discussion groups.

Again: The key to a social network is that, socialize and this is achieved participating. Sal spectator chair and dare to participate. You’ll see how to make the difference.

Not customize the URL of LinkedIn

Take you can customize your profile address. This way you not only will demonstrate additional skills they can insert effectively in cards, blogs, resumes and other promotional items

Not take the introductory paragraph .

These lines are fundamental to say who you are and what, besides that bring a human touch and let you summarize your essence looking. Take care forms, remember that the grammar and spelling are essential.

No link the profile companies and educational institutions.

Each time you enter a post or draft a list of organizations, insert it into the profile appears. That will make you more visible to search engines and will add credibility.

No place aptitudes and ask for recommendations .

Not just because it will make your profile more valuable and enriching, but these updates are frequently seen in your contacts, so the remembrance of your profile as a brand is facilitated and facilitates the selection headhunters skills.