Lately I am telling you from my own experience and how I went across the way, I know I made a destination, sometimes uncertain, uncertainty is an action and current situation that affects many people, but not stop following fighting spreading and counting it.

Last week progressed I’m in the project of writing a book with 15 contributors and authors more, I wish to convey that this book is about emotions, situations that occur daily in many places and workplaces, which can be extrapolated to different environments, simply change the climates of work, from a restaurant to a factory, office etc.

In such climates work we can say that different forms of leadership, each teacher with his book, meaning each performs a path and that path leads or no success, although now things will go wrong occur and before they were good , then it is not your fault, but the whole situation of chaos that invades us every day and we face in day to day. Remember that leadership is a journey and not a destination .

If we assume that leadership is the core of each and one of the successes that we harvested ourselves and we along with others, and is not as successful if one only reaps success but only if shared with others, both in the organization how in the world in general with this I mean there are times that the world around you, your friends, coworkers, to even family can see that a leading person facing that day featured a thing against others and helps everyone equally reach the road. Leadership starts from the top and trickles down to the last person hired by an organization. Everyone knows what leadership is, and more and today, speaking on multiple items, and who can be a great leader, but if you had to define great leadership what would be your answer?

We are always looking for the best way we can do a job better, almost trying to rub excellence, but to my way of thinking excellence there 100%, there is always room for quite probable error, but everything so you have to know to accept, So here I want to tell 14 tips for people who during his career, his life experience, for people who are always seeking continuous learning, these are the leaders that will improve your leadership today!

1. Have confidence.

When you are sure that inspire confidence in others. Trust yourself. A change that will encourage people to follow you, and help you establish an expectation that you will succeed will occur, and when we expect success, this same effect occurs that our chances of success will increase further.

2. I was passionate about.

When we are passionate about our work we show that we care, and when we show that we care, it can be clearly perceived by our customers, our teams and our environment. It’s spectacular to believe that what we are doing is important, this will have a positive impact on the way we are perceived by our customers, staff, environment and the actions of our teams that passion is contagious if not enthusiasm.

3. Show yourself Creative.

Many times you will find yourself in critical situations, adverse situations, processes of hard bargaining, almost problems almost unsolvable, but today there is no problem without solution, therefore have to be creative when solving problems, possible outcomes etc. Words have to be creative to show with new ideas to your computer, it is recommend that you implicaras the team to be creative with you, since the set of ideas can come new opportunities.

4. Put your computer first before you.

Let your team know that any success is due to their hard work, and let them know that your job is to support them in achieving this success, this will increase the commitment of the teams. When the leaders put their own success ahead of the teams, this creates resentment in our teams and affects their commitment. So put your team in the first row, that is before you and will provoke increase its commitment.

5. Encourage them to give you their feedback.

You have not cornered the market on good ideas and especially not the leaders. Collectively we know much more than as individuals. So seek the views and ideas of their equipment, which will make them feel respected and they will respect you even more in return.

6. Keep things simple.

The simpler you can make things higher the chances of success we can ever have. There is a strong tendency to complicate things more than they are themselves the same things, and a more complex solution can be given running and therefore to obtain a higher risk of failure. So if we try the same things but transform them into complicate, complex solutions will not do when it comes to finding ways to explain these same they will therefore sometimes you simply will be more readily understood, and better understanding, the greater the probability to succeed.

7. You have to lead by example.

The leader has to establish one for the entire organization, team or group of people, so I give the example of the culture you want within each organization. People continue to drivers, they lead, so if you are going to blame people, then you’re going to create a culture of blame. If you want a culture of respect, you must always look to respect all people on your team, your environment, the group that forms part.

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8. To delegate important tasks.

Do not just delegate the simple and routine tasks, from time to time delegate important tasks, the team will feel both valued and will appreciate you more. Since you’re implying in decision-making, and a collective form will arrive to the success or best way to achieve the same.

9. Always acknowledge the efforts of your team.

What we recognize is repeated, so creating a culture of recognition is a great way to build winning culture. We must begin with the recognition of small things and keep continuously rising barometer. It’s amazing how much performance can be improved with a little recognition. Ie show them much gratitude, even humble and give them success.

10. Be accessible.

People want to work for a boss who likes them and show them respect, and it is difficult for them to get to know you if you’re not accessible. Remember, you are a person more, more or less knowledge, but you have to make decisions. I recommend you find time to talk to people, to laugh with them, share your thoughts and let them know you a little. Sometimes you may be surprised what you can get to learn from a person. It is given a mutual learning.

11. Be open and honest.

This is the fastest way to build trust in our equipment, and trust is the cornerstone of leadership. This point is very important, if you are everything will turn well in our environment.

12. Sense of humor.

If you are constantly learning to find humor in the struggles of everyday life, laughing although there are times that the thing is rather depressing, or just problematic, will cause with the mood that this is contagious and if possible struggles spread, they will find best solution and much faster.

13. Commitment.

If you want your team, your group has committed in his work, thou shalt be the first to prove it. You have to be in front of them and defend them all, it’s your own responsibility.

14. Inspire people.

Sometimes people want to know, you know, one of the highlights is to inspire people around you to grow with you, along with the team, for if need be sufficient to explain things and time its because because their work is important and what it means to do so.

I want to share an infographic today I’ve just run into her 10 tips explain that although I have allowed to add more in the text part.

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