15 aims to be best CEO in 2015

Probably all made their New Year, but only some people are really perform it. In addition to the personal, I have 15 to be a great CEO this 2015.

1. Send handwritten letters on birthdays

. This involves more than good manners. Write notes in the age of Whatsapp symbolizes a personal message.

2. Have one to one meetings with employees monthly

. Be open door is a good choice, but not all workers will enter. So I plan to set aside time to talk to each individually.

3. Eating with my computer (not the desktop) once a week

. Breaking bread is very good for coexistence with people you work with. Like many businessmen, I eat in my office doing several things at once. I’ll do that and will talk more with my employees.

4. Food Funny Friday

. On Fridays can be fun days or less will be. Not only do I want to have fun, I encourage my team to think outside the box. We all want to stay Friday afternoon working on projects surprise.

5. Rewarding my employees

. This means inviting a massage to the company to do massage for 20 minutes. I know the value of recognition and managers can do more than just say “good job”. I plan to start showing and telling people they are doing a good job.

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6. Meals learning

. While we eat, occasionally, bring someone or something interesting. No need to be work-related, we can even discuss a new television series. Finally, we have the ability to nourish more than our stomach.

7. Bring new customers to the office

. No need to be mysterious. The members of my team working in a fun space with lots of creative and energetic people. Customers should see this.

8. Get a minimum of six hours of sleep

. I am someone who tends to stay up later than I should. Although I usually have no trouble getting up in the long run is not a good idea. Many times I finished getting sick after a few weeks to stay up late and be out of the office does not give a good example to employees. I plan to work hard to be healthy and get enough sleep.

9. Establish few hours without emails

. Although I prefer to work at night, I know that many people are not. Instead of sending emails at night, I’ll save drafts and send in the morning before I go to the gym. Everyone deserves some time to disconnect from work.

10. Meditate

. Having a startup in New York does not give you the opportunity to pause, but always needed. Whether you incorporate a moment of reflection on my grind or before getting out of bed, I’ll take a few minutes to disconnect all intellectually. I hope to help me solve problems better and be a better leader.

11. Be on time

. Everyone’s time is valuable. I do not usually late, but I can improve in this area. Now I appreciate that others respect my time, I try to respect theirs and make the most important punctuality.

12. Soliciting others

. Not all good ideas come from the CEO. When you have ideas or obstacles to overcome, I will make a more conscious effort to ask the members of my team for their review.

13. Clear my schedule

. I’m definitely the type of person that is saturated. Go board on board and call call gives me little time to be creative and achieve my goals. This year I pray to release my schedule and take time to think.

14. Remember why

. All small jobs, challenges and check lists can block the mission in general. In 2015 I will be more focused on why I started my company.

15. Build a family

. I will treat everyone in the company we are a big family, from my team and customers to investors. We all seek the same thing and we see nothing but our true relatives. If I establish a unifying culture and climate will be important, this will be my number one priority.