15 phrases that successful people never say

15 phrases that successful people never say
To reach your goals avoids blaming, making excuses and have a negative mind. Eliminate these expressions of your vocabulary!

If you want to be more successful as an entrepreneur or in your career, you can start adopting the habit of talking or thinking more like what makes successful people . Here are some phrases you never tell these people:

1. “We can not do that.”

One thing that makes people and companies are recognized is the ability to solve problems and demands of customers before anything else. If ever a need arises, the most successful individuals learn to solve it as quickly as possible.

2. “I do not know how.”

Instead of automatically shut you to find a solution, successful people know what to do to complete a project. For example, you will never see a large international business consultant traveling to Italy many times a year without knowing how to speak Italian.

3. “I do not know what that is.”

Claiming ignorance does not make the problem go away. This will only cause the questioner find someone else who can work with him or her to solve. While it is good to be honest with everyone you interact, finish that sentence with something like “but I’ll find out” is a sure way to be more successful.

4. “I did everything alone “.

The best people they have surrounded themselves with others who are just as smart, knowledgeable and dedicated. What always works is to give them the credit they deserve. It recognizes those who have helped you and still have success.

5. “That’s too early.”

Never had listened to someone like Benjamin Franklin or Steve Jobs saying “this event is very early.” If a joint networking , launching a project or opportunity for an interview in the morning, the most successful people do their best to be there. Part of being recognized to be in the right place at the right time, regardless if you are an early riser or not.

We also recommend the following:

6. “That’s too late.”

Along the same lines, if they ask you’re at a dinner at 9:00 pm with a potential business partner, and you can get definitely have to go. Maybe you’ll be tired the next day but the connections you’ll make during this dinner or board can make all the difference when it comes to your career or next project.

7. “Too bad we can not work together.”

Doing a good click a person is very rare, but really you had a connection with someone and want to work with him or her, finds a way to make it work. Whether a case study or a new business, successful people know that working with those that align with your personality and interests is the way to success.

8. “You have to catch up someday.”

Often it is said like filler without really meaning to follow up. Successful people know that if you really want to catch up with someone going to happen.
This goes in line with the idea that the most recognized people have worked very hard to make genuine connections and relationships within their network, without any hidden agenda. Nourish your network means being attentive to others while you give them the importance they deserve.

9. “Sorry, I’m busy “.

If an opportunity arises, successful people do what they can to make it happen. Sure, this may mean more hours of work occasionally, but if you want something to work, this is what you have to do. After all, according to Lao-Tzu “Time is something created. Say you have no time is like saying I do not want to. ”

10. “That was my idea.”

As I mentioned at number four, individuals recognized spread the wealth when it comes to praise someone on a project. Deal praise and encouragement is a crucial part of building a successful society and culture.

11. “I never read books.”

Tom Corley author of “Rich Habits: daily success habits of wealthy individuals” (Rich Habits) realized that people with money reading (and listening to) books in greater quantity than poor people. “The 63 percent of wealthy parents ask their children to read two or more books per month vs three percent of the poor”. Reading helps reduce stress, improve productivity and your memory.

12. “I’m not good enough”.

Part of being successful is to have high self-esteem. Being yourself is a feature that promises success in business and your personal life. Follow your true interests. What would you do in your life if you do not need the money?

13. “Okay” (again and again).

Successful people know when to go and stop accepting excuses of others. Is there a bottleneck or something (or someone) that prevents finish a project on time, you do grow your business or you approach your goals? Then it’s time to put some barriers and decide where you are going to get involved.

14. “If you do not have competition not need”.

Copy the competition is one of the possible causes of death for many companies. The real innovation comes from the other side: discover what does your competition and fill that niche to solve a need.

15. “The time is for fools.”

True success should be seen as a well-rounded approach, one holiday weekend with friends and family and hours of rest during the week. Although the workload varies for everyone, take a vacation can make you better at your job.
Sometimes to get where you want to be, the best and easiest thing to do is follow the example of others.