1. People generally are not born with the gift of “knowing how to sell”

Some people have developed some more than others skills to develop sales and costs less. Selling is a skill that anyone can learn.

2. Stop making excuses not to sell (if that is your occupation).

It’s not the economy, you, your skills, your attitude, your perception what makes you different and unique.

3. The sale is not manipulation, is influence .

It is not based on lies, is based on honesty. To this point, unlike the “quack” of the “seller”.

4. The sale is to teach people to buy you, do not force them to do it .

The forced sale in most cases ends with the feeling of “cheating” on the client.

5. Understand that when people buy your products do so because they have their reasons, not yours.

It is the key, discover their motivations purchase, it opens the way for an honest and non-manipulative sales.

6. Believe in what you sell to show credible .

I’m not the man any more handsome, smarter or even the smartest, but I believe in me … Someone needs to increase sales?

7. Supports not know everything .

Life is to keep learning. To be a good seller to be learned. Remember rule number one.

8. If you do not know something, tell your client .

Motivate good knowing you’re going to find out, and do it.

9. Enjoy, smile, play and have fun.

Few professions get that privilege within its functions.

10. Be honest and ethical with your customers .

It is one of the ways to build trust in them.

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11. Learn to say “no” and feel good when you hear “no” .

They are not rejecting you, just do not need your product or service at that time.

12. Listen more than you talk .

People need to feel heard.

13. Surround yourself with people who are happier , more successful and have more success than you and learn from them.

You learn from your mistakes and successes will help you move faster.

14. Sell what you love and the money will follow.

If you do not love what you sell at least looking good reason big enough to keep doing it, and consistent enough to feel good about yourself.

15. Spend money on train you to be a better person.

You will never lose their investment.