18 tips – tricks you might not know Facebook

Facebook Trick 1 – Put Facebook Chat on the side in Firefox :

If it bothers some have facebook chat there just below the web, well you can place it on the side of firefox.

We’ll go to Organize Bookmarks and there will enter New Marker and put this …
Name: Facebook Chat
Location: http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php
We mark: Load this bookmark in the sidebar
Then load the Side Panel Scores and we can chat on the side of Firefox even without being on the website Facebook.

Facebook Trick 2 – How to download albums full of Facebook:

I had explained this plugin for Firefox, which lets you download FacePAD albums full of our friends on Facebook.

Facebook Trick 3 – How to share your photos from Flickr to Facebook :

Flickr2Facebook is an application that allows you to upload photos to our Facebook account from Flickr.

Facebook Trick 4 – Update Facebook without using Facebook

ping.fm hellotxt and both have features that allow administrators to update their Facebook pages.

Facebook Trick 5 – Synchronizing messages in Facebook

I did not know this application is quite interesting and it sees that Sendible allows us to synchronize messages we want to send our friends, colleagues, fans in the future.

Being friends with someone on facebook and hide your updates status : in Makeusof explain in detail how we can be friends with someone on Facebook and while this person does not see our update our status on Facebook. Although a picture is worth more than a thousand words …

Facebook Trick 6 – How to know if a friend has blocked or deleted from Facebook

X-Friends is a Facebook tool that monitors when one of your friends has disappeared from Facebook.

Facebook Trick 7 – Select which friends show in this box in your profile

in our profile, we have a box on the left side shows the image of some friends of ours and goes by many times. If you do click on the pencil in the corner of the box you can configure the number of friends who would be the show and always leave.

Facebook Trick 8 – How to remove advertisements from Facebook

Cleaner is a Greasemonkey script whose function is to clean the pages of Facebook advertising.

Facebook Trick 9 – Sync photos of your Facebook friends with your contacts in Outlook

Outsync is a Windows application that allows us to synchronize photos from your Facebook friends with contacts in Outlook.

Facebook Trick 10 – Show the Facebook status update in WordPress

If you want to show your status from Facebook in your blog is very simple. Only a matter of grab the RSS link to our Facebook Notifications (found on the Notifications tab in tray tackle ) and insert it into the RSS widget on our blog.

Facebook Trick 11 – Getting recent posts from our blog Facebook Wall appear

Wordbook is a WordPress plugin that allows us to automatically send our blog posts to our Facebook Wall.

Facebook Trick 12 – Access Facebook Chat from our desk

Gabtastik and digsby let users chat, Facebook chat have on our desktop .

Facebook Trick 13 – Create Quizzes on Facebook simply

Lolapps provides us a creator of quizzes to share with friends.

Facebook Trick 14 – Hide in Facebook chat :

Facebook chat is automatically activated every time we go to the page, but sometimes we want certain friends from seeing us connected. If we want to “hide” certain friends, the question is simple, first you have to categorize our friends list and chat offline clickeamos icon there alongside the name of the list .
Thus, while the list Family or friends we see online, the rest will not see us.

Facebook Trick 15 – How to receive updates in email Facebook :

NutshellMail helps us setting up to receive updates from Facebook to our email.

Facebook Trick 16 – Updating Your Facebook Status from Firefox :

FireStatus is a plugin for Firefox that allows you to send updates or notifications from the browser without the need to go to the Facebook page.

Facebook Trick 17 – Like our Facebook have on our desk :

there are several applications that lead us to our Facebook and Seesmic Desktop, Facebooker , Xobni , Facebook Sidebar Gadget , Scrapboy and Facebook AIR application.

Facebook Trick 18 – How to delete our Facebook account :

simple, only we go to Account Settings to select the last option Deactivate Account . Right there first choose one of the reasons why we will deactivate your account and mark Henceforth I do not want to receive e- mail from Facebook to stop receiving invitations.

If anyone knows any trick more , to write it in the comments .