2 unusual ways to impress your boss

impress your boss
impress your boss

2 unusual ways to impress your boss

Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, recently said in a post on LinkedIn he has discovered some peculiar ways to impress the boss that will make you have a good worker to an excellent one.

While recognizing that small adjustments are said to help you stand out from the crowd at work and make you have a better relationship with your boss. And these are three examples:

Worry about the little things

Holmes writes that the legendary rock band of the eighties, Van Halen, was famous for its ingenious tactical control quality. He explains that, hidden within the 53-page contract group, stipulated that the green backstage should be supplied with M & Ms of all colors, except brown. And if they were one of that color, canceled his concert. The logic: if contractors do not read the fine print when it comes to sweets, how could you trust them?

And in many companies, says Holmes, these little details can be disasters occur. As an employee to take care of these details is of great value to the company.

Fails at something

Holmes says that there are two types of failures. The error due to incompetence and arises due to ambition. “A good leader recognizes the difference between the two and respects employees for the second reason,” he writes.

“No risk, after all, is difficult for any company to go ahead,” Holmes says. “A good boss knows that failure and innovation are two sides of the same coin”.

And mentions that it is important to note that not all leaders are able to recognize this type of strategy. “Therefore, these tricks should be used judiciously, especially if you work in a conservative or regulated industry.”

“Having said that, the big bosses know that employees are the key to success” he concludes.

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