2013 New Year's Things To Do List – Spring Clean Your Brain Early This Year

Each year, New Year’s comes around and people make resolutions and lists of things they like to accomplish in the upcoming year. It’s a time to reflect about where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and where you plan on going. Now then, something else many people do is to celebrate the New Year’s, often consuming large amounts of alcohol, but all that really does is means that you start the New Year with a hangover. If you want to accomplish your goals, there’s no time for that. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have a good time with family and friends, of course you should.


Nevertheless, it’s time to get busy, and I think you already know that. The best way to ensure that your New Year’s resolutions come to fruition is to start and prepare early, so on the first day of the new year you are already off and running, you don’t even have to consider what it is you are going to do because you’ll already have a plan, and you already have envisioned this in your mind. You have to believe to achieve, and you best get going before the New Year starts.

The first order of business is spring cleaning, and I don’t mean cleaning up your office and clutter, or getting organized for the mission ahead. Oh, don’t get me wrong you have to do that too, but you really need to do some spring cleaning on your brain. You need to bury the hatchet on old foes and arguments, and you need to focus on where you’re going. You need to forget about the mistakes that you’ve made, and consider them lessons learned. You should realize that those mistakes are now experience, and you can now move them over to the other side of the balance sheet, once the New Year starts they are now assets, not liabilities.

Having this wisdom of the past will help you go further faster without making the same mistakes again. While others will endure adversity and grow stronger with character having to make those mistakes that you already made, you won’t. This will allow you the inertia and ability to accelerate towards your dreams, goals, and objectives. You can do this. If you’ll get your mind in order, and your life organized, and if you will get busy now, rather than waiting until the last day, or the first day depending on how you look at things, then 2013 should be your year. It’s up to you, I wish you continued success.

By Lance Winslow