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Latest job vacancies in Dubai UAE

Latest job vacancies in Dubai UAE


There are many job opportunities in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Especially for young people with qualifications to master several languages. In this Arab country where English is the official language, there is a great demand for qualified personnel in all sectors we have quoted above. Wages are based on the sector and cargo, but often high for qualified professionals. The highest paid jobs are for architects, engineers, designers, sales and marketing experts, computer scientists, doctors and pilots.



The sectors that offer more job opportunities in the UAE are logically the oil, construction, tourism, finance, marketing, information technology, culture, health and aeronautics. Other sectors still little explored as alternative energy, recycling, trade and theater also they have many possibilities in this area of the planet.

If you have a relatively unskilled, Emirates it is not a suitable destination. In this country there are thousands of Indian immigrants, Egyptians and Pakistanis performing these low-skilled jobs for very little money. For example, many of these immigrants work in construction, household services and similar tasks for less than 200 euros a month and no holidays, no rest, sharing room and even bed.

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