25 strange questions in job interview


25 strange questions in job interview

Meet the unique questions that large companies make their candidates to discover their potential and personality. The best questions in job interviews provide a good overview of the process of thought and personality of the candidate, unlike a list of accomplishments and lessons learned. Recently, the firstaidforhealth.com compiled a list of 25 companies strangest questions in job interview like Yahoo, Airbnb and Urban Outfitters routinely make their candidates.

Here we share 25 odd questions that make great companies to their candidates:

1. “If you could make a parade of any kind in the office of Zappos, what kind of parade would?” -The Zappos Family, interview for a team member loyalty.

2. “How lucky you are and why?” -Airbnb, Interview content manager.

3. “If you were a pizza delivery guy, how could benefit from a pair of scissors?” -Apple, Interview specialists.

4. “If you could sing a song on American Idol, what would it be?” -Red Frog Events, event coordinator interview.

5. “Are you more a hunter or gatherer?” -Dell, Account manager interview.

6. “If you were on an island and you could only bring three things, what would they be?” -Yahoo, Analyst interview for search quality.

7. “If you were a cereal box, what would you be and why?” -Bed Bath & Beyond, interview sales associate.

8. “Do you believe in Bigfoot?” -Norwegian Cruise Line, interview marketing coordinator casinos.

9. “Why is ‘hairy’ a tennis ball?” -Xerox, Manager of customer interviews.

10. “What is your least favorite thing humanity?” -ZocDoc, Interview associated operations.

11. “How would you use Yelp to find the telephone business in the United States?” -Factual, Interview software engineer.

12. “How honest are you?” -Allied Telesis, executive assistant interview.

13. “How many square meters of pizza eaten in the United States each year?” Goldman Sachs analyst interview schedule.

14. “Could you instruct someone how to make an origami figure just words?” Social -Living, interview consumer lawyer.

15. “You are a new addition to a box of crayons, what color would you be and why?” -Urban Outfitters, interview sales associate.

16. “How does the internet work?” -Akamai, Interview with the director.

17. “If you had 80 years, what would you say to the children?” -McKinsey & Company, interview partner.

18. “If a movie about your life should occur, who would play you and why?” -SinglePlataform Interview for internal sales consultant.

19. “What’s the color of money?” -American Heart Association, project manager interview. 20. “What was the last gift you gave?” -Gallup, Information analyst interview.

21. “What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?” -Applebee’s, Interview bartender.

22. “How many snow shovels were sold last year in the US?” -TASER, Interview for program development.

23. “It Tuesdays; we will send you a project in Calgary, Canada on Monday. Your hotel and flight are reserved, and your visa is ready. What are the top five things you would do before leaving? “-ThoughtWorks, Interview junior consultant.

24. “Describe the process and the benefits of using a seat belt” -Active Network, interview specialist customer applications.

25. “Have you ever been on a boat?” -Applied Systems, interview with graphic designer.

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