3 books that every employer and every leader should read

3 books that every employer and every leader should read
Although the title says “every employer and every leader “should read these three books that will name, the fact is that the first book I recommend should be read by anyone.

1. Thinking, Fast and Slow. Daniel Kahneman.

This book written by one of the most influential thinkers of the world and Nobel laureate, discusses the decision of the seemingly rational people , and they actually have nothing rational, because we make biased decisions while we take for granted hundreds of fallacies. The book tells you how we actually reading and find out “you’re dumber than you think” (no offense).

Kahneman explains how our brain operates through two systems of thought: System 1 is fast, intuitive and emotional, while System 2 is slower, more deliberative and supposedly seemingly more logical. The author tells you how your brain takes apparently reasoned decisions, when in fact our thinking is biased, leading to erroneous decisions. When trust your intuitions and when not to ?, are you thinking when and when not reasonably ?. As you know so-called “cognitive biases” you will realize that you probably have not owned your choices in how you think.

Why should read it every businessman, leader or investor?

Entrepreneurs and investors make decisions at every moment. Some based on overconfidence and others based on fear. They know yourself and know what leads you to make those decisions, will give an extra degree of intelligence. And of course it is a mandatory book for anyone who runs people.

2. The art and science of negotiation. Howard Raiffa.

As the book title suggests, the sale is an art that not everyone dominates. Similarly, to convince another person in a negotiation is also a science. The cunning ability conviction and skill in conciliation when we are in a negotiation are skills that can be developed, and in this book very useful guidelines are given to ensure that both the other party as we come out winners in an agreement.

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Why should I read every entrepreneur and leader?

Every company is engaged in the sale without any exception. We all sellers without exception, and of course everyone should know about sales regardless of your profession, since the sale is not only convince a customer to make a purchase. Selling is negotiating, and all negotiate in life, whether you are buying a vehicle or are about to sign a mortgage.

3. The Art of War. Sun Tzu.

The Art of War is probably the best book on strategy ever written, because the military strategy in the battlefield is no different than the business strategy. Everything is to conquer markets, eat you spot the enemy and target more wins than our opponents.

Perhaps one of the best lessons I learned when I read this book is to dodge the strengths of your opponents and focus on their weaknesses and conversely, when trying to improve ourselves, the secret is to focus on our strengths, because if we focus on trying to improve our weaknesses, is likely to frustrate us.

Given Sun Tzu who was, no doubt, his teachings and lessons are invaluable. And of course that this book should be read by every employer and every person to lead people in a company.