3 reasons why the paper resume is not dead

3 reasons why the paper resume is not dead
With new technologies in all areas of our life seems hard to imagine that some companies still prefer resumes on paper, but so; even for many can be decisive between success or failure of a job offer. Why? In this article we tell you.

Is the paper resume dead? This is a discussion for a while now takes place in the workplace. While many HR managers prefer a LinkedIn profile rather than a conventional curriculum vitae; For its part, the expert Rachel Louise Ensign, a member of The Wall Street Journal, along with other experts argue that many managers prefer paper resumes and even claim that it can be decisive between success or failure of a job offer . Then you have the three reasons why the paper resume is not dead .

Reasons curriculum vitae paper still alive: 1- filtering software only works on sheets of traditional life
when you are seeking employment in a large company, there is a high probability that the resumes of candidates is analyzed by a program filtering software that looks for keywords. But this kind of software does not work with online profiles, but to function effectively need a traditional resume.
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Reasons why the paper resume is still alive 2- Hiring managers tend to prefer printed resumes
When the held job interview any member of the X-res and Boomers generation, submit a resume paper demonstrates a great sense decorum. Experts say apply online is not bad, but to cover all possibilities is essential also send a printed sheet of life. Can anyone see your email address, but someone must necessarily touch your resume printed.

Reasons curriculum vitae still alive 3- paper sheets printed life are easier to manipulate than online profiles
A profile online can make you a much more vulnerable candidate, for example, hiring managers might criticize your appearance based on your profile picture. It is also much easier to manipulate a printed sheet of life that will allow you to “hide” a number of details that do not add anything to your candidacy.

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