3 Tips to discuss your weaknesses in a job interview without losing the opportunity

Do not be too hard on yourself

During a job interview there are questions that are essential for recruiters, and make them a hard drink to those on the other side. One is on your weaknesses, something we do not usually talk. While it is not unusual, humans usually a little hard on himself, and tends to say too many negative things about yourself. This may not be the best choice . Therefore, it is best to be prepared to not give a misstep.

You can say that you have a weakness is that you over-push yourself when you work and press to fulfill all. While it is a negative, not sound so terrible.

Show that you learn from your mistakes

The question is of great weight because lets the interviewer know a lot about your personality and character . Simply prepare the response in advance to not suffer verbiage or meet with a blank mind. Rather than give a series of adjectives such as “impatient” or “cranky”, what you do is give examples of situations where in the past you suffered some sort of trouble, but could learn from the situation and do something about it.

It is important to stress these weaknesses and know that you make them better, mentioning specific situations that give the idea that the interviewer know how to handle difficult situations.

According to Dylan Schweitzer, a recruiter of talent of the group Enterprise Rent -. A-Car, “The interviewers asked about the weaknesses and failures because resistance is a skill they consider necessary in an employee As Chief expect to give constructive criticism to a employee and it is important to have the ability to receive and improve “.

It shows humility

Nobody wants to work with someone who thinks he knows everything and does not accept tips. Therefore, it is important not to get cocky. You must show that you have confidence in yourself, but at the same time be humble.

Another way to know your weaknesses is through a personality test. It is also important to know your strengths because whenever a question is accompanied by the other.

You mention that you are bad at tasks that you know you do not have to do with the post. For example if you are applying to be an artist, you can tell your weaknesses are in the area of ​​finance. So take the time to read well what the requirements for the job that you present are.