4 Common Mistakes Make With Their CV and Resume

Your CV or Resume Looks Like All the Others

Have a quick glance at any company offering you advice on how to write a CV or Resume and would you agree they all have the same appearance?

It does not take a mind reader to know that the top half of your CV will contain your address details, your personal details, your profile, your objective and perhaps the start of your work history.
This is because all CV’s and Resumes are almost identical.

If you are repeating this, ask yourself why.

You Fail to Grab Attention

A sales job is advertised and there are 100 applicants, if you have ever been involved in the recruitment process you know you will not look at all of the 100 in detail because you do not have the time.
Usually a handful of people are selected for interview from only reading a handful of applications.

To increase your chances of being noticed is to grab the attention of the recruiter; be different; stand out from the crowd.

You Fail to Demonstrate Your Skills

How can you demonstrate your skills without boasting; and for most sales people you want to look the best you can, but you do not want to lie.


Many salespeople who apply for a new sales position are concerned another applicant will have a better sales record.

MistakeActually you can dig deeper than this, but do you know how to demonstrate your skills without showing your achievements.

You Write About You and Only You

Take a look at your Resume or CV; do you have a personal profile that talks up your success? If not you may write about your achievements within your career history.

By David P Poole