4 Reasons for Choosing the Government Sector Job Over the Private Sector Job

Every person wants to live decently and comfortably in the world. For that, everybody needs money. One has to do some work to make money. So every able person tries to do some job, business etc. We have jobs in the Government sector, private sector etc. Compared to the private sector, jobs in the Government sector are in more demand. We all know the importance of the Government job. A Government job gives us the kind of secure feeling about our future. That’s why everybody is going after the Government jobs. Moreover the Government jobs have many advantages over private sector jobs.

Job Security

It is a fact that once you land in a Government job, you are going to work throughout your life in the same job. So you are secured for your future. You don’t need to have any fear of losing your job, because your job is guaranteed by the Government. You will get salary and all other statutory benefits like provident fund, pension etc.

Retirement Benefits

Unlike in the private sector, retirement benefits are guaranteed according to the constitution such as provident fund, pension etc. Here it is mandatory that every government employee has to contribute a percentage of the salary towards a corpus fund. This fund keeps growing till the retirement, after that the employee gets a lump sum amount which is very handy and needed at that age. Since after retirement one has to depend on the savings only for survival.

Pay-Scale Implementation

Unlike in the private sector where uncertainty is part of the life, Government jobs come with predetermined pay scale. Good part is that these pay scales are subjected to periodic revision by pay commission. So a Government employee at the time of joining only knows about his earnings till retirement and after. That means one can calculate roughly how much he is going to earn during the whole service period and manage finances accordingly.

Job Satisfaction

Govt jobsEverybody is patriotic towards the nation to some extent. So by working for the nation in the Government service, one feels that he is contributing his might to the development of the nation building. This feeling gives a kind of job satisfaction to every employee. Apart from the above, other institutional advantages like formation of employee unions, perks like free accommodation and leave travel allowance makes the life comfortable and secure. These are the reasons why people prefer a Government sector job over a private sector job.

By Satyaprakash B Reddy