40000 jobs available for young – 40 thousand jobs


40000 jobs available for young – 40 thousand jobs

The “first 40 thousand jobs” seeks to facilitate access to the labor market. It is aimed at young people between 18 and 28 years of regions with a high rate of youth unemployment in Colombia.

40000 jobs available for young Colombians without work experienced . This initiative of the Government of Santos seeks to reverse the fact that getting a first job is something really difficult.

The plan is aimed at young people between 18 and 28 years of regions with a high rate of youth unemployment. They should just be graduates of a program of higher education or high school graduates who were unable to continue studying. Your goal is to make a lot of young people should have experience working for and better opportunities tomorrow. What happens is that for a serious job and allows to be independent financially, excluding requirement is to have previous experience .
How does 40,000 First Jobs Program?

Through an investment of 300 billion pesos , the Government of Colombia agrees to fund the salary of 40 000 young people and their contributions to social security for up to six months. Thus, companies that hired the young will benefit its dynamism, creativity, curiosity and desire to contribute.

To get one of the jobs, new graduates should be addressed to the employment centers of the country where they will be informed about the companies that are part of the program. Young people will choose the one you are interested and for six months, will be hired but receive their salary from the government.

“That’s a win-win. Win the young, gain business, earn the country. And that is one of the programs we are announcing today, which will make the call today to companies to start the process, “said Santos before the presentation of the program.

The Government will also help young people with employment relocation expenses

Worth noting that in addition to financing his salary, the government also bear the costs of transfer of new employees to their offices. “Many young people do not even have the resources to be transported to where they want to work,” Santos said, explaining why this initiative.

Specifically, it delivered a total of 43,000 cards Integrated Transport System. Each will be loaded with 24,000 pesos in order to be transported free sites to make them the interviews and to facilitate access to employment.