5 accessories that enhance your look

There are times when we produce to go out and we look in the mirror, we find that our look unconvincing. And so we changed our clothes a thousand times trying to get compliance … What woman has not experienced to prove almost all the closet and yet still unmotivated?
What happens is that in such cases, is about changing the look but to change. How? Through the accessories! Sometimes big changes achieved with the simple details, and it is clear that fashion accessories are those who have the power to completely change your look without too much effort.

Do not miss our list of accessories that enhance your look. They are:

No. 1 Belts

Belts are one element to adjust pants, jeans and skirts and sustain our waist. They are also one element to define the waist in loose clothing.

We can use seat without needing that function and wear it as a complement to our look. There are designs of belts of every color, shape and size.

Cameron Diaz gave an interesting twist to your look with a thick belt over his blazer.

No. 2 Earrings

From the delicate pearl earrings to pendants large, wear earrings radically changes the appearance of your face. Look in the mirror and then look at you without slopes with gradients: the difference is very noticeable. Always stay more beautiful with them!

Best of all is that there are an infinite variety of earrings to wear on different occasions. I love them! What do you think of the hanging of Kate Hudson ?

No. 3 bag or purse

I think any woman goes out without a purse or wallet; is the essential accessory to keep your wallet, mobile phone, house keys, calendar, makeup, books, and other items when we go out. At least, I see it impossible to leave the house without my wallet.

But besides that, we can use them to “lift” our look, especially if we take a nice design and go on composé with our shoes and clothing.

No. 4 Hair Ornaments

If there is something you notice at first is the appearance of our hair. Therefore, if we want to change the look we use a new haircut, a new hairstyle, a teñirnos and the use of hair ornaments .

Scarves, headbands, bows, brooches, pins … which one do you prefer?

No. 5 Makeup

Makeup can work miracles! If you know women … It is our great ally to cover dark circles, pimples, spots and also to highlight our beauty . Undoubtedly, makeup enhances our appearance. You do not have to wear makeup too splendid: a layer mask, eyeliner and lip gloss and stay divine.

If it is an evening event, however, we can play a little more with cosmetics and achieve stunning looks, like Miley Cyrus , who delineated with cat eyes, mascara and red lipstick looks wonderful.

What other accessories do you think enhance your look ? Review with us!