5 Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups

5 Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups
In a start-up , as in any company or business street, marketing plays a key role . Without him it would be difficult to get potential customers a product or service, with all that that entails. So the marketing strategy is very important from the beginning, even before the final commissioning of the business idea.

The marketing strategy must address five aspects: sell more, more often, more customers, more money and more efficiently. That’s what they tell us some of the gurus of this discipline.

Sell ​​more things more often

This is not to sell a product many times, but to be able to develop a cross-selling strategy that takes the customer from one product to another catalogue. What is known as “cross selling”. To achieve this should start by providing a base product, the flagship product (good for its
price, profit margin is more or defendant).

As an example, a travel agency can increase your sales by offering bags and guidebooks.

Increasing the frequency of purchase of a client is another pillar to consider. And for that customers who have already made a purchase are “recurring” potential. The strategy involves bonuses, discounts and coupons to use on future purchases. Anything that serves to retain the

We also recommend following:

Sell ​​more customers for more money

When a start-up begins its journey the first goal of the marketing strategy is to get customers, of course. But this is by no means easy.

To find the potential customer should consider their interests and have much to say that social media marketing platforms which allow you to select the common interest of potential customers. Another option is advertising, whether express or implied, blogs and specialized sites, in
addition to search engine optimization SEO keywords that define the product being sold.

Once new customers located there that optimize purchasing processes to sell obtaining maximum benefit. This is so easy and yet so complex as to guide the customer to choose the product that best benefits reported. For what is often helpful comparators price, which is in itself a
marketing strategy.

More efficient sales

Finally the marketing strategy is to improve profit margins, rather than a start-up should ignore the principle and consider when the company starts running. In this case marketing must mold the business model for the type of customer.