5 obstacles to success in sales and how to deal

5 obstacles to success in sales and how to deal
For some authors life equals sales, they always offer or purchase. Let us define which side we  are to succeed. For sales expert and entrepreneur Grant Cardone, we always offer or buy something in life, so  that scenarios of either not differ much. Meanwhile, for the specialist Victoria Holtz, you must learn to develop the ability to overcome obstacles to know how to handle closings attaining effective in what we offer.

From these points, then we see the most common situations with which we can find and how to address them.


This is one of the most uncomfortable situations, because nobody likes to close the doors.  However, it is inevitable, there is no way around it because most of the time does not depend on us. The key is how to deal with it.

Free feel frustrated, disappointed, upset, angry and even surprised you. However, if you stick to those feelings you’ve failed.

Keep in mind that while the overall supply product and can have serious defects, the change does not depend on you. Focus on analyzing what is wrong in offering specific in the details of your customer, review the sales pitch and where the market is headed. It works with emotional intelligence and develops a strategy that motivates you, with particular goals and different from traditional approaches.


Many times a customer will not buy because you like a product or service but because generated empathy with the seller and by a kind of emotional commitment and camaraderie continued. Therefore transmits positive attitude, be observant and try to create a link, without being forced.

Before facing any sales situation is advisable to do a visualization exercise in which you will create an imaginary box that shall bring all the negative charge that overwhelms you. You’ll see how you feel liberated and avoid carry with negative attitudes that could lead to toxicity to the environment.

If the environment of negativity comes over you, take a moment to breathe again another time. Sometimes it is better to let certain situations and resume them later.

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This is the best worst kept secret. The discipline involves habits, responsibility and commitment . Therefore, have a weekly action plan that includes goals for the day, and customer service goals.

Do not turn the lens and this routine is done, not missing a beat. Once you have adequate notice that flows more easily.


No written recipes, but everything points to optimize the user experience and see what others are failing to improve it.

Many may lower prices, but that is not relevant, because no reported long-term results. Again empathy and observation are essential. It is now the task to differentiate, with particular interest in human quality. If you do,’ll report more deals closed.


The closure points to making a final decision by the customer. We want a positive conversion is generated. Therefore, take the time to negotiate, make him feel he’s won something and you give more than you ask . Dale solutions, but do not push even do have the feeling that this offer will be very limited.