5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

In today’s stressful economic times, having a job may seem like a blessing. However there are many good reasons to quit your job and find other ways to make a living. What reasons do you have to uproot and peruse true happiness in today’s troubled job market? Here are a 5 of mine.

1. Jobs these days are stressful. Employers are struggling to remain competitive and must cut costs. This means stretching every dollar and employee to their absolute limits to make ends meet and remain competitive. Have you ever been stressed out from work and realized it when you took it out on some one you loved? What would your life be like if you no longer had to work in a stressful environment?

2. Working a job requires trading time for money. There are only so many hours in a day and that limits how much you can earn. The more you earn, the less time you have to spend and enjoy your money. This creates additional stress and tends to stretch families apart. I often thought to myself that when I die, I won’t be saying “I wish I had worked harder!” but rather, “I wish I had more time to spend with my family.”. How would you prefer to spend your time? There are better ways to leverage your time.

3. There is a limit to what you can earn in a career. The earning potential of most working class jobs is limited. To earn more, you must learn more and be of even greater value to your company. If you’ve learned everything there is to learn in a career, then your only option is to change that career and start over in something that has a greater earning potential. Wouldn’t it be great if your earning potential wasn’t limited but completely open to your imagination?                                                                                       

4.Today’s job market offers little to no long term security. Gone are the days of pensions and retirement packages. Now it’s 401K and other investment strategies that are your responsibility and not the companies. Given the job markets competitive environment you are also more expendable than ever. Gone are long term professional relationships between employees and companies. Companies must now remain flexible and lean to remain competitive in their market.

5. Trading your dreams for money. If money were no object, what would I be doing now? Having a job is often a sacrifice. We sacrifice time and energy to make money. Our dreams suffer as a direct consequece of this. How can you chase your passion if your time and earning potential are handicapped? To make matters worse, we are constantly bullied bu the belief that we must choose a job base on its earning potential and not by how it fulfills us.

In some ways a job is a waste of time. Not in the sense that your doing nothing, but rather that in the end the trade off just isn’t worth it. When I realized this I knew I had to find something different. What would it take for you to choose something more fulfilling?

Errol is just that kinda guy that loves to talk about philosophy, life and many other topics.

By Errol H.