5 responsibilities of the entrepreneur

5 responsibilities of the entrepreneur
When starting a business you should try the best to your customers, employees, society, the environment and yourself. As a human being and a member of society you have several responsibilities , both with people around you as to the environment and yourself.

When you decide to be an entrepreneur, these responsibilities change since, as a business owner, (and therefore employer and seller of goods or services) you have the opportunity to generate a real impact on others. How would the Uncle Ben, Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

To be a successful entrepreneur you must fulfil your responsibilities towards these “public” Five:

1. Your clients.

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group, its business strategies based on the client, and always trying best to satisfy it. Successful companies do too and so have achieved success over the years.

Your responsibility is to offer customers the highest quality in your products and services provide the best care and never lie to get a sale. A good entrepreneur is honest and gives a good price / benefit. Never use marketing to deceive or sell false expectations. Fulfills its promises and is willing to go further than usual to get loyalty and customer satisfaction.

2. Your employees.

By the time you hire your first employee, you are accepting a huge responsibility: professional development and job satisfaction of a person depends largely on you and your company.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur and employer you should try to provide a healthy working environment, which respects each person and their opinion is considered. Listen to all your collaborators and worry about their welfare. Remember that they are working for your company exists and is profitable and that as better feel, the better they will do their job.

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It is important that continued to give them feedback (and that you care how you do it) that the good results congratulate yourself and be honest with them. Within your responsibility is also to give them a fair wage and benefits-at least those prescribed by law.

3. Your company Entrepreneurs are those who build the wealth of a country;

they are generating jobs and income. Therefore, from the moment you start your business, you must create an asset to society, either providing services or products to meet needs or developing solutions to problems like pollution, poverty and low education.

Along with your mission must be focused on creating some kind of good, you also have to comply with your legal and tax responsibilities. Make sure your company complies with all laws operating within its competence and pay the taxes that apply to you (although it is also important to have an intelligent system of payments and deductions).

A good way to go when developing your business idea is to think: What problems does my country and how I can help solve them in a sustainable way? Now, if your company is not focused on social or environmental goals, then it includes some shares of corporate responsibility in your model. It can be from donating money to charities to activities such as planting trees or recycle waste.

4. environment.

Global warming and climate change are not “words” are realities that we are still in time to lessen their impact. As an entrepreneur, in addition to starting a business to help reduce pollution or encouraging recycling, you also have the opportunity to adopt a “green” mentality in your company and permearla all your collaborators.

Start by recycling paper, making the most of digital way and reusing the recording sheets. Places to separate garbage dumps and avoid using disposable plates, especially Styrofoam. Implements energy saving systems such as LED lighting, and invite your team to turn off lights and equipment when not in use. Another idea is to encourage the use of bicycles and shared in your company cars. In addition, invite them to perform activities such as planting trees.

5. With yourself.

One way to transcend in life is creating things that remain over time, and one of them is a successful business that has a positive impact on society. So if you betting entrepreneurial career, make sure you’re following your passion and working on what you love. No point having a business that earns you money if you are not happy with yourself.

It is also important to undertake’re aware of the risks and sacrifices, but also your health and happiness come first. Prevents wear you more and that stress affects your whole life. Do not let exercise, to feed healthily and sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. It also seeks a balance in your life and work: do not neglect your family, meet occasionally with your friends and take some a deserved vacation.