5 techniques to increase self esteem in children

Children with high self-esteem grow happier, better school performance and better social
behavior. Self-esteem plays an important role in the way children develop and mature. If your
child’s self-esteem is low , he or she can not defend themselves from bullies at school, or how
much pressure their peers. For it is very important to learn ways to increase self esteem in
children . The role of parents is to teach your children to face the challenges of life with an
attitude that is: “I can” rather than a negative attitude . “I can not”.

So what are the best ways to increase self esteem in children ?. follow these tips:

Praise your child’s efforts, not only by the results

When your child comes home from school and took an 8 on a test, do something like this: “Okay
!, I know you studied hard and why you won August 1 “. Avoid comments such as: “Next time you
can study more and get you out October 1st.” This is a negative feedback that gives the message
no matter how hard you do will never be good enough.

Give your children responsibilities

Give them simple responsibilities such as: setting the table, taking out the trash, give the
dog water, etc. will make your child feel productive and valuable. Try to give responsibilities
to be commensurate with age. Give simple tasks in this way will do well and they will not end
up feeling bad about themselves.

Develop your own self

Trying to increase self-esteem in your child, if you do not have a healthy self-esteem will
never work. Children model the behavior of adults. If you are constantly criticize your child,
he or she will begin to imitate this behavior.

Be loving

Give a hug or a kiss only takes a few minutes . Give sincere affection is one of the best gifts
you can give your child. With this act you are saying that he is loved and is special. However,
do not force it. Do not force your child to give you a hug if you do not want at that time.

Find things to do really enjoy your child

If your child loves to play football, try playing with it a while. Get involved with the topic,
ask questions about who their favorite players, etc. This way your child can demostrate
everything he knows. This is very important because it is showing that it is important for you
and thus will increase the self-esteem of your child.