5 Tips For A Phone Interview For A New Job

Getting a job in this economy is difficult and getting a great job will mean you need to go the extra step every chance you get. This will mean not turning down an interview anytime. It will also mean that you give the best interview whenever you have the chance to and here are a few tips to insuring you get the job when you give a phone interview.

You Don’t Have To Answer Every Phone Call

Getting caught off guard by a phone call from a possible new employer can start you off on the wrong foot. Even if the interview goes wrong simply because it’s near nap time and you can’t get the little one to stop crying, they won’t see a possible new employee but a mom who is needed at home. With caller id you don’t have to be caught off guard and you don’t have to answer every call.

Create A Little Mystique

Answering the phone the very first ring will set your employer to thinking you’re easily available and can leave them thinking you’re not worthy. If you want to create a little hype then you’ll want them to know you’re wanted. This is best done by also making sure you’re not available for the first appointment for an interview. Let them know you have others interested in meeting with you so they see how desirable you are.

Speak ClearlyPhone interview

The interview is your best chance at getting another interview or even getting hired. In order to get the best out of your phone interview utilize your most critical tool; our voice. Speak clearly, do not mumble and most certainly do not multi task while having your phone interview.

Develop A Rapport

First impressions matter so make sure you answer the phone friendly and professional. Also be prepared to answer questions in a professional yet personal manner. Also, it’s a good idea to take a few moments to listen to how they speak and mirror them. This is a useful tool in developing chemistry and getting them to like you.

A Little Background Research

Getting to know the company by doing a little background research on who they are, their mission and their vision for the future is the best way to get a feel for whether or not this company is right for you. It will also help you with the interview.

Choose A Quiet Setting

The best way to be prepared for your job interview is to make sure you’re in a quite setting when they call. Get rid of distractions and have something to drink nearby and you’ll deliver a better interview.

By Viktoria Carella