5 tips for being a hated boss

5 tips for being a hated boss
Throughout my career I have had the obligation to hire people and have people in my charge. But I’ve loved ever have subordinates. My personality, my lifestyle and the way I like to work tend to be incompatible with such posts. Luckily, there are jobs in which one has the ability to grow without a team to lead. I found one and I love it.
There are many people who want to be boss without knowing that it will be a terrible boss. Here is a small list of what you need to do to be a hated boss.

1) gives little information.

Respond emails only if you want. If there are changes to the team or company, waits for your employees become aware from other sources. If a member of the new team, let others taught. Do not move a finger.

2) Manage your Subordinates.

Do not trust your subordinates can do well for themselves. Watch every component is according to what you think. Also remember to question occasionally experience of your employees.

3) Discuss via email.

There is no better way to reach a disagreement by email. Avoid calls and face to face conversations. By email everything is much more confusing.

4) Consider the interests of other areas before those of your team.

Your team comes before everything, unless you want to be friends with other areas of “stakeholders”. Then you have to sacrifice the interests of your team you need those please.

5) Do not put the example.

They have to do things right. You do not. For something you’re boss. Put the sore on his finger and do not let go until they change.

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Whoever wants to follow these tips after a short time end up being a bad boss. But how do you know if you are already a hated boss? If you answer yes to the following questions you will know:

I do not know what my team needs?
Have I talked less than twice a month with all my team members?
Do I care little that trouble my computer?
Do I keep information to see that I am powerful?
Would I like to question what do the people working under me?

If you find that you are behaving like a bad boss, do not worry. You can always start doing the opposite of these suggestions and change course.