5 tips for writing a cover letter that arouses interest

Arouses interest
A standard letter and too general will not help you enhance your candidacy. If you are responding to an ad, begins the letter explaining what attracts you the vacancy. If it is a spontaneous application shows that no postulate because, but you know the company. Find pre-stressed beam and what has prompted you to knock on the door of that company and not another. That way you will show that you are motivated. An example: “By their recent innovations, the group is a pioneer in its market. Being a sales assistant in an innovative group is a challenge to live up to my aspirations. ”

Talk about your project
The letter must explain what you plan to do, what kind of position you aspire, what is your professional project. If you’re just starting out and do not have a concrete idea of outputs that can bring you the future, explains the type of tasks that you feel “in your salsa” or master the situation. If you do not provide a specific job, career guidance indicates (trade, human resources, production) within the company.10 tips to make your resume more attractive in times of crisis

Put yourself in the place of coach
The second paragraph of the letter should highlight your qualifications for the position you intend to occupy. The letter has a fundamental objective, which is to meet the expectations of the coach. You have to put in place and ask what skills and qualities they are looking for are. 5 tips to be a successful manager
Do not just summarize your resume, you have to relate some successful professional experience relevant to the position you want. You have to prove your job application fits your experience (or academic training) and is essential for a professional project you love to perform. It is better not list personal qualities without rhyme or reason (“I am independent, dynamic, etc.”) but realize what this or that consisted professional success and provide data to support your achievements. For example, for the post of manager: “I managed to increase my team productivity by 10% in one year.”

Take care forms
Read the letter as many times as necessary, do not make spelling mistakes, even inadvertently entered, and cares syntax, or you will cause a bad impression to coach. Use present time and action verbs that are more dynamic. Discard the pompous and empty phrases. Do not abuse words like “personally” to begin sentences if you do not want to seem too self-centered. If it is a spontaneous application is appropriate for the subject of the letter is “proposed collaboration” and not “spontaneous application”. You have to show a deal as equals to coach offering your services. Try the card fits on one side and space paragraphs with points well and apart for easy reading. Write a letter to your computer, unless the ad says you have to be handwritten.The 4 rules to increase your salary

Invites the coach to an interview
The purpose of the letter is to get an interview. You have to “be at the disposal” of the coach for that game. Use a phrase such as “Thank you in advance interest you devote to my candidacy, I am at your disposal for a possible meeting …”. Do not hesitate to tell the coach that call after a few days to discuss your application. You do not look like heavy, but someone resolute and determined. Many candidates are staying overly passive waiting for an answer. Finish the letter with some closing and farewell formula like this: “Waiting for a favorable response, yours sincerely” or similar. And do not forget to sign it!

If you are applying via Internet, e-mail must be equally well drafted a letter, but more concise. The nature of the message does not change and must contain the same key points that a cover letter mailed. Do not risk with familiarities like to start with a “hello”, or skip tutear courtesy formula, as you never know who you’re dealing with.